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Fan Mail: Your Burning Cigar Questions Answered on Video! (Part 59)

More Answers To Your Most Submitted Cigar Questions!

This month’s Fan Mail series goes back to the beginning with a wide selection of cigar-centric topics and answers.

To paraphrase a freed and newly-single pop star—oops you did it again. Your latest cigar questions had us thinking we were back in a college philosophy class…and we couldn’t be happier!

Below: Jared shuts down his e-mail account after angering Cuban cigar fans and Paul reminisces over a can of Skoal.

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Cigar Question #1: Are Cubans Better Than Non-Cuban Cigars?

By Jared Gulick

I got a question from Luis in Key West, Florida who asked, “Are Cuban cigars really better than everything else? I keep hearing they are, but I’ve tried a couple and don’t like them as much as the cigars I buy from Nicaragua and Honduras.”

That’s a really good one, Luis. And if I’m honest, the only definitive answer I can give you is that better is always subjective. That being said, I think I can make a good case for why Cuban cigars aren’t better—at least these days. Check out my video and find out why!

Cigar Question 3: Why do people begin smoking cigars?

By Paul Lukens

Jerry, from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia wants to know why people begin smoking cigars in this month’s Cigar Advisor Fan Mail.

Thanks for the question and I’ll admit—I had to think about this one and do some ‘asking around.’ The easiest place to start is with me—and I’ll own up to beginning my cigar journey because I wanted to look like a ‘baller.’ Kind of a fake it ‘til you make it origin story. More commonly, people begin because a respected family member or a good friend enjoys cigars—which brings an element of social bonding into it. I uncovered a couple other reasons which you can discover by checking out the video.