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Still More Cigar Questions: Answered (Part IX)

We’ve Got Mail! Four More of CA Reader’s Cigar Questions – Answered.

You: seeking information on how to better enjoy your cigars.

Us: ready and willing to help with a tip or a trick that will help answer your cigar questions.

Few things will demolish the good vibe of an evening with your feet up than the feeling you have the moment you realize, “I just spent a good couple of hard-earned bucks on this cigar, and it’s a total dud.” You’re supposed to be relaxing; you’re supposed to be enjoying your down time. And while not every single burn issue or storage problem can be solved, we try our best to aid any and all comers who are wondering what they can do to make the smoke draw as smooth, flavorful and effort-free as possible. So we created Fan Mail: the four of us have been doing this cigar thing for quite a while, and we’ve each picked up some ideas along the way that have helped us understand what can (or can’t) be done to overcome a challenge when smoking. But why keep that information to ourselves?

Over the past month, we flagged certain emails and Facebook posts with inquiries from Advisor readers that run the gamut: humidor storage, overcoming burn issues, cigar review stuff and choosing the right cigars. We whittled it down to 4 of the most-often asked or most interesting questions we got, and put together these short ‘n sweet video answers so that everyone could benefit.

Do you have cigar questions we haven’t answered yet? Looking for a tip or a trick for a better burn? Don’t be shy: hit us up on Facebook or message us directly, and we’ll put our heads together to get you over the hump.

For this month, 4 new questions about cigars that we think will be of use to you – especially if your cigars are dried out, or you’re having trouble keeping the RH right inside your humidor. Want to learn about the flavor of wrapper leaves? There’s something for you, too – as is a solid answer on choosing between cigars with natural and maduro wrappers. Take a look at these quick video ideas and solutions!

Cigar Question #1: How do I Re-humidify Dry Cigars?

So I open my email bag of cigar questions, and this one’s right at the top:

Dear Cigar Advisor,

Is there any way to re-humidify dried-out cigars?

– Dennis Anderson in Springfield, MA

Yes, there is! Practically every cigar smoker has had to deal with dried-out cigars at some point, but the remedy depends on just how dried-out they are. To see my answer, watch this video now.

– Gary

Cigar Question #2: What Does a “Toothy” Cigar Wrapper Mean?

When we do one of our cigar review videos here at Cigar Advisor, the conversation will – at some point – turn to the quality of the wrapper leaf, where it’s sourced and what it looks like. In this case, it was the Crowned Heads Four Kicks Black Belt Buckle cigar review…and when we talked about this cigar’s Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, we go on the subject of how it had a bit of a “toothy” appearance and left it at that. Well, Frank from Washington emailed with cigar questions of his own – and called us out on just what it is that we meant by the “tooth” on a cigar wrapper, and what exactly he should be looking for. Get the answer to Frank’s cigar questions, and why cigar wrappers have some “teeth,” in this short video!

~ John

Cigar Question #3: How Do I Keep Cigars Fresh During the Winter?

If ol’ Jack Frost hasn’t come nipping at your nose yet, rest assured he’s right around the corner ready to blast you with icy cold chills. What does that mean for your cigars? Absolute ruination, if you’re not prepared. When the cold dry air descends upon your sleepy little town, it can also come crashing down on your humidor – ruining your entire investment of premium cigars by way of sucking the moisture out until nothing remains but what can only be compared to a pile of leaf clippings. Learn what I told my buddy Marc, who asked me, “how can I keep my cigars fresh during the winter months when I don’t smoke?” A little bit of hands-on humidor care will do the job – see the details in my answer video!

~ Jonathan

Cigar Question #4: What’s the Difference Between Natural and Maduro Cigars?

The most common cigar questions we get from people who are new to the hobby revolve around wrappers – specifically, just how strong maduro cigars are what the difference is between those darker sticks and the lighter natural wrapper version. That second one is actually one of the all-time, most often-asked question we get. And the people in the shop get it ten times a day: natural or maduro? If you want to know a little more than the average bear about what sets these cigars apart, I’ll break it down in very basic terms so there will be no confusion when it comes to choosing a good smoke.

~ Zman

Stay tuned for our next round of videos, where we’ll answer more of your cigar questions!