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More Fan Mail: The Advisors Answer Your Cigar Questions

Still Yet Even More Cigar Questions – Answered

From the Cigar Advisor Staff

Once again, the Advisors are here to answer your burning questions about cigars and other cigar-related matters. Whether you’re an experienced cigar smoker, or just starting out smoking premium cigars, there’s always something new to learn.

In our previous videos we answered questions about the humidity level in an acrylic humidor, seconds and overrun cigars, using a cigar tip to hold your nub, and the #1 cardinal sin cigar smokers should avoid.

Following is the latest volley of cigar questions. Feel free to share these videos with your cigar-smoking pals, and remember: there’s no such thing as a bad cigar question, so if you’ve got something on your mind, let us know with a comment or message us on one of our social media channels.

Cigar Question #1: Why should I take a cigar factory tour, and is it really worth it?

By Tommy Zman

Ask anyone who has ever gone on a cigar factory tour how they actually liked it and they will most likely go on-and-on about it. Timmy from Austin, Texas asked me about factory tours, and I can tell you that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several factories in Latin America, and man oh man, do I have a strong opinion about that. Give it a quick watch – and if you HAVE gone, see if you agree… and if you HAVEN’T, better listen up!

Cigar Question #2: When were cigars invented?

by Jonathan Detore

We all love smoking cigars, from the flavor and aroma, to the construction and craftsmanship that goes into making each and every hand rolled stogie we look forward to enjoying. But where did cigars actually come from? That’s what Joe in Cleveland, Ohio wanted to know when he messaged me on Facebook this month. The answer may be a lot more complicated than you think. To find about how cigars got their start, watch my fan mail video where I answer Joe’s excellent question.

Cigar Question #3: Does the number of draws you take on your cigar affect its flavor?

by Gary Korb

I thought this question from Steve M. in Fort Pierce, Florida was very interesting, since puffing on a cigar is one of those things that I’ve never really thought about. Plus, I presume that most cigar smokers puff on their primos almost subconsciously. Certainly, the number of puffs varies among cigar smokers depending on their personal habits, mood, the taste of the cigar, what drinks they pair with their cigar, or any number of things either individually or combined. To see how I answered Steve’s question, watch my video reply.

Cigar Question #4: How I do I keep cigars fresh in a humidor that’s only partially full?

by John Pullo

Recently, I was in line at the Famous Smoke B&M store standing behind someone who was weighing his cigar humidification options. Nikki, our lovely and talented cigar store manager, was helping him choose between adding a big crystal humidifier to his humidor, or moving over to Boveda packs for his cigar stash. Then she asked him what I consider the most important of cigar questions: “How many cigars do you keep in your humidor?” Not because it has anything to do with bragging rights over the number of cigars in your collection – it’s because being smart about proper cigar humidification techniques is way more important than any point of pride you may have about how many smokes you’re hiding away in your humidor. If you don’t refill your humidor often, or have a cigar selection that’s lean when compared to the overall capacity of your humidor – watch this video for a trick that’ll help keep what you have fresh, and your humidor in peak shape – until you fill it up again.

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