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How to help get rid of cigar odor

Ooh-ooh that smell! Cigar smoke odor. It gets on your clothes, it stinks up your car, your man cave, office, wherever you prefer to partake indoors. So how do you get rid of cigar odor? There are number of options available to you, so let’s get started…

How to help get rid of cigar odor

How to get rid of cigar odor out of Stinky Clothes

Since I’m fortunate enough to smoke cigars at my job, my clothes can get pretty stinky. The smoke even fogs-up my reading glasses. I have a whole de-stinking ritual I go through when I get home after work. Now, if your clothes absolutely REAK from cigar smoke, toss ’em in the hamper.

As long as your clothes aren’t dirty enough to chuck in the laundry basket, the best solution I’ve found are fabric deodorizer sprays like Febreze® and similar products. Simply follow the directions on the bottle and that’s pretty much it. I usually hang the spray-treated clothes away from my other clothes, too. I’ve also discovered something else about these products: it usually takes about three days for the chemicals to completely remove the smoke odor, or at least enough so you can wear your clothes at least one more time without smelling like an ashtray.

If the smoke odor isn’t too bad, you can hang your clothes outside and let the fresh air naturally remove the odor. One other solution is to place the clothes in the dryer with a scented dryer sheet and run the dryer on extra low or air fluff settings for about 15 minutes.

Remember that silk does not absorb smoke, so you won’t have to worry much about your tie, and if you do smoke in the house pretty regularly, you may want to consider getting yourself a smoking jacket.

How to get rid of cigar odor out of Stinky Rooms

If you are fortunate to have a place to smoke in your house, there are several items you should have. For one, a good smoke filter. There are a number of good units on the market that work very well. If you can’t afford it, or are unable to install a ventilation system in your smoking room, one of the original and best air cleaners is the Csonka Super Smoker Cloaker. Using ozonation (ozone), it will handle smoke odors in a 1,000 sq. ft area and there are no filters to replace. One of the more high-tech solutions is the Rabbit Air Minus A2 purifier. It looks like a flat screen TV and can be placed on a stand or hung on the wall; it even remote control. Using a 6-stage HEPA filter system, it’s ultra-quite, purifies up to 815 sq. ft. of space, and eliminates odors from more than just cigars, too. Rabbit also makes several models with artwork on the screen which adds a little extra décor to your smoking room. If you have a window in your smoking room, you can buy a 2-way window fan that will act as a vent. It works pretty well in smaller rooms, but at high speed it can be pretty noisy.

How to get rid of cigar odor out of Stinky Vehicles

After you’re done enjoying your smoke, for added odor coverage, keep a can of a high quality air freshener around like Re-Fresh and spray it just before you leave the room. You should also leave the air purifier on for several hours afterwards, too. A lot of cigar smokers don’t smoke in their vehicles because they don’t want to get their car all smelly. You’re also in a very tightly enclosed space. Sure, you can open the windows and that’s probably the best solution, but what if you live in northern Maine or Minnesota. It gets pretty cold out there. Plus, there’s also the risk of dropping ashes on your clothes or your seat.

If you’re the type of cigar smoker who just can’t go anywhere without a lit stogie firmly placed in your jaw, there are a couple of other solutions. Open windows are the way to go, and if you have a moon roof or drive a convertible, even better. Csonka makes an air purifier called the Auto Smoker Cloaker. It’s very handy when you can’t open the windows due to cold or foul weather. For more compact cars they also make a smaller Car Fresh Air Purifier.

I happen to like smoking the occasional cigar while driving. One thing I’ve learned is that if you use the air conditioner to filter the smoke, every time you turn it on, you will smell stale smoke for the first few seconds – and it only takes ONE cigar or cigarette to do it, too. Though most new cars come with HEPA filters, they’re really not made to handle heavy amounts of smoke.

One way to keep your car smelling fresh while you’re driving is to buy a vent deodorizer. (Forget about those tacky tree-shaped deodorizers they sell at the car wash or the dollar store.) The vent sticks don’t seem to do a very good job either, so I recommend the type that have a liquid deodorizer in them; some even come with little built-in fans. Here again, it’s best not to use the air conditioner. Instead, use the vent button which allows outside air into the car as you drive. You can even boost the fan control a little, and whenever you can, keep a window or two open, at least partially.

Also keep a can of air freshener in your car like Re-Fresh (mentioned above) or Ozium®. They’re not the only products out there either, so browse around. Just make sure it really works well on smoke. Once you’ve parked your car and closed the windows, step out of your car and mist the interior before you close and lock your car. This will give you a little added odor elimination insurance. Plus, your car will smell nice when you return.

Finally, I take no credit as the ultimate authority on this or any other cigar-related topics. So, if you have any cigar smoke odor solutions that work for you, please let other readers know about them by leaving a comment.