How to Properly Refill a Cigar Torch Lighter with Butane

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Tips for Keeping Your Cigar Lighter at Peak Performance

If you’re a typical cigar smoker, you’ve probably refilled your butane torch lighter hundreds of times by now. It’s something you probably do automatically without thinking much about it. However, there is a proper way to refill a cigar lighter, and what follows is a method that will help any butane cigar lighter work at peak performance.

Don’t Skimp on Butane Gas

First and foremost: make sure you always use high quality, highly refined butane. The more refined the better, like 5X or higher. Using high-quality gas will noticeably improve the performance of your lighter, and any of the better brands like Xikar, Lotus, or Colibri will work excellently.

Bleed First, Then Gas

Even an empty butane lighter still has some compressed air inside. So, before you refill your cigar lighter, bleed it. In other words, release all of the lighter’s air pressure. If you don't get it all of the air out, you won’t be able to fill it completely with gas. That’s why bleeding your lighter is one of the most important things you can do to keep it running in top form.

Ideally, you should bleed your lighter every time before re-filling, but even if you tend to forget, try to do it at least a few times a month.

How to Bleed Your Lighter

To bleed your lighter, use a small Phillips head screwdriver, or something like the Xikar lighter tune-up tool shown below. Open the lighter’s fuel adjustment valve all the way. Now, insert the tool into the fuel valve and listen to the hiss until it’s silent. One or two more times should do it. Next, turn the fuel adjustment valve back to about midway.

Fill ‘er Up!

Your lighter is now ready to fill. Take the can - but whatever you do, don't shake it! That will only force more compressed air into your lighter, the stuff you just got rid of.

Next, firmly insert the butane tip into the lighter’s spring-loaded fuel valve and push down to inject the gas for about 2 seconds; then release to stop. Once or twice more will most likely fill most typical pocket cigar lighters. If your lighter has a fuel window, or if you have a lighter like the Jet Line Fat Boy Triple Flame below, you will be able to see how fast the gas flows in.

The Two-Minute Warning

How many times have you seen someone refill their lighter and almost immediately afterwards flick it on? Most of the time you won’t get a flame because the gas is still way too cold. Either put the lighter in your pants pocket or simply hold it in your hand for a couple of minutes to warm it up.

You’re now ready to toast, light, and enjoy that cigar.