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Gary KorbCigars have traditionally been smoked in celebration of Life’s greatest moments. Just had a baby? Have a cigar! Got that big promotion? Have a cigar! Burned your mortgage? Have a cigar! Won the championship game? Cigars all around!

I’ve never really known when or where the celebration cigars ritual originated, but I did find a thread on the discussion boards at that provided some background on the tradition of giving out cigars after the birth of a child:

“The custom of giving away cigars to celebrate the birth of a child had its origin in the latter part of the 17th century. Cigars were quite rare throughout the land – they were to be treasured, guarded, and in most cases were equally as good, if not better, than the currency of the land. Thus, when a man parted with a cigar it was an expression of deep emotional appreciation…The birth of a child, especially a boy, meant the continuation of the family name, a child to imbue with masculine wisdom, and the confirmation of the father’s virility. The men could get together and celebrate the event with a shared bonding experience…”

celebration cigars
Members of the 2010 Canadian Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team celebrate their gold medal with cigars on the ice.

It seems clear that what began as a tradition for celebrating the arrival of a new child, naturally came to symbolize other momentous occasions in society. (I bet their celebration cigars back then were Cuban cigars, too.) And although this “shared bonding experience,” can be witnessed simply by walking into any busy cigar lounge, the opportunity to share cigars following life-changing events seems to suggest a much more liberating experience, especially for those in the group who don’t usually smoke cigars. It is in this context in which the following quote from the writer above is most apropos: “The gift of a cigar has always bespoken the donor’s ‘share my happiness,’ and the intrinsic meaning of this gesture has not changed.”

Being a cigar smoker, I get a kick out of seeing those who normally don’t smoke cigars partaking, say, at a wedding, or when a sports club has won a major victory. Sure, some of the cigars don’t get finished, which is a bit frustrating for someone like me, especially if the cigars are Fuente-Fuente OpusX or Padron Anniversary’s. But during that window of celebration cigars rule the day, and will hopefully continue to do so for generations to come.

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How To Celebrate Your Wedding With A Fine Cigar
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[…] If you’re getting married, you obviously want to celebrate this life event in the best possible way. Traditionally, a wedding celebration should have at least a wedding cake, a wedding dress and perhaps a beautiful dinner. But that is not all you can celebrate your most special day because a wedding with a fine cigar is  brilliant too. Cigars are also an outstanding way to celebrate the wedding for both the bride and the groom. Of course, if you are going to celebrate your wedding with a cigar, you may want to choose only the top-of-the-line. After all, you don’t want to be remembering your wedding, while you’re thinking about that horrible cigar smell that made the crowd disappear. However, a premium cigar is a great way to celebrate the joys of getting married. Here is another good post on cigars and celebrations: celebrating with a cigar. […]

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