Cigars and health problems

Q.Hello, I just got into cigar smoking. I smoke a cigar every now and then with friends (1 cigar, 2-3 times a week). Are there any health problems that come with smoking this often and not inhaling? Thanks.
– Thomas W.

A. First and foremost, since I am not a physician, I’m not qualified to comment on health-related issues with regard to smoking. Smoking, whether you inhale or not, be it cigars or other tobacco products, affects everyone differently. But based how you described your cigar smoking routine, which I would classify as “light,” and since you do not inhale, I can only guess that you’re more likely to be in a lower health-risk bracket; of course, that’s assuming you’re in good health in the first place.

Although some cigar smokers do inhale, based on my personal experience and the opinions of most of the cigar smokers I know, inhaling is definitely NOT recommended.

However, many experienced cigar smokers will pass some of the remaining smoke in their mouth through the nose. This tasting technique can help you discover flavor nuances in the tobaccos that your palate can miss.

In closing, all I can add is, there’s a reason the “Surgeon General’s Warning” appears on all domestically-sold tobacco products.