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Cigars for Troops in Afghanistan

Famous Smoke Shop proudly supports our soldiers with Cigars for Troops. Cigars are always among the most-requested items from our hard-working men and women serving overseas. We feel a cigar is a great way to share a piece of home and a brief respite from the stresses of military service, and so we’re glad to support our brave troops with cigars in a variety of ways. We hope we can play a small part in making their lives just a little bit easier and less stressful. We recently deployed a care package to Kandahar, Afghanistan, where it was received and distributed by Capt. Robert Hughs. While no thanks was needed, Capt. Hughs was kind and gracious enough to respond with a thank you note along with some pictures of himself and friends enjoying the cigars we sent over. We’d like to share them with all of you so you can see our military members enjoying our fine hobby, and to inspire all of you to get involved in any way you can!

We take great pleasure in sharing a smoke with these heroes, and thrive on continuing to support our troops!

Capt. Robert Hughs writes,
“Thank you for the cigars, from the many teams in Kandahar, Afghanistan: Army, Air Force, Navy and Afghans. We appreciate the good smokes!”

cigars for troops

(Capt Hughs, an Afghan Police Officer and Maj Diaz take a break to enjoy some good smokes while drinking Chai.)


military cigars

(After a rigorous day with the combat medics, Maj Diaz and Capt B take time out to enjoy some fine, hand-rolled premium cigars. )


cigars for warriors

(How high was the stress level this day?  Probably higher than the stress level of your day, but not high enough to ruin the enjoyment of a good smoke for these tough guys!)

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