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Cigars For Women: Cigars Your Lady Will Love

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Let me paint you a picture: you are sitting on a wood porch that juts off the back of a cozy wood cabin perched on the edge of a wide blue lake. The sunset’s vibrant colors paint the skyline, creating a horizon right out of a Bob Ross painting complete with a few extra “happy little trees.” The water is smooth as glass and the air is fresh, and as you breathe in deeply you smile at the woman sitting on a chair beside you and admire how beautiful she looks in the twilight. She smiles back but doesn’t speak – words would only complicate a perfect moment. Your humidor is beside you, and you take out the special cigar you’ve been saving for a perfect moment. You light it and enjoy the first intoxicating pull. Without a word she extends her hand and the two of you enjoy the smooth luxurious smoke together in comfortable intimate silence.

It’s a lovely scene, but one glaring fact remains: only about 1.9% of women in the United States are cigar smokers.

Cigars are synonymous with men. They represent a masculine identity that permeates every corner of our society – there is a classic, sexy, manliness associated with the casual puff of a fine cigar. Despite this gender bias, with a good attitude and the right cigars you can have it all: the cigar and the comfortable intimate silence with the woman you love.

Sharing your favorite indulgences with your partner can be complicated: people of both genders rarely enjoy being told what to do or how to do it, even when they will reap the benefits of receiving good advice. Women also don’t like to be preached to by someone with a sanctimonious attitude- let her move at her own pace, and encourage her enjoyment. A good way to navigate these tricky waters is to consider what foods and flavors she enjoys and do your best to find a cigar already in line with her tastes. Not only will she be more likely to enjoy it, she will also appreciate the clear assurance that you know what she likes and that you care about making her happy.

You know your lady best, but I have the benefit of being a lady, so I’ve gone ahead and put together a little cheat sheet with five cigars for women that she’ll be sure to love.

java mint cigars for saleWomen have plenty of experience putting phallic representations of masculinity in our mouths, and it doesn’t always result in a pleasurable aftertaste, which is why I’d recommend starting with a good quality flavored cigar like the Java Mint by Drew Estate. As the name suggests, it’s a great calorie free alternative to mint chocolate chip ice cream, with a hint of delectable mocha and this is one of our favorite cigars for women. This smooth tasty treat is a great first for any cigar virgin with a sweet tooth.

cao moontrance cigars on saleIf your lady isn’t a chocolate lover, another great alternative is the CAO Moontrance, a delectable fruity number with a smooth draw that immediately brings tropical paradise to mind. A moonlit beach, the waves crashing in the background, the Moontrance will turn your lakeside cabin into a tropical paradise.

tatiana groovy blue cigars on saleIn the unlikely event that she doesn’t like chocolate or the beach, she’s probably an alien, but even aliens deserve to enjoy a nice cigar. I’d recommend giving her a Tatiana Groovy Blue. The Groovy Blue is flavored with berries soaked in vanilla and laced with Acai, Honey and Cognac, so this is a great option for vanilla lovers and women who already enjoy the taste of Brandy.

For those who feel flavored cigars aren’t truly cigars at all, let’s remember that the best way to scare a first timer off cigars forever is to insist that she dive in head first – let her dip her toes in the pool and get a feel for the water.

macanudo cafe portofino cigars on saleIf your gal already smokes cigarettes, she might eschew the thought of a sweet candy smoke in which case a nice alternative would be the Macanudo Café Portofino. This is a great cigar for ladies for a few different reasons: first of all it’s mild with a subtly sweet flavor. It also has a thinner ring gauge, which is going to be a better fit for a smaller hand, and will be more comfortable and familiar if she’s already a seasoned cigarette smoker. It smokes evenly and quickly, and it will allow her to get a feel for cigars without overwhelming her.

alec bradley cigars on saleFinally, for all the badass babes out there who refuse to start small, give her an Alec Bradley American Classic. These cigars, as the name suggests, are a little smoky piece of America, all rolled up in a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The flavor starts out light and smooth and gradually becomes darker with a little bit of a bite reminiscent of espresso. The construction and flavor of this little beauty will really give her the “classic” cigar experience, if that’s what she’s into. While the ABAC is categorized as a medium strength smoke, it’s definitely going to be a kick in the ass to any first timers, no matter what equipment they’re packing down below. Luckily they’re well priced, so if she pukes immediately, maybe it’s time to step back to the Macanudo.

Now you’ve got the goods, but remember, the attitude is what really counts. If you’re dying to share this part of your life with your love, don’t expect her to just assume that’s the reason you’re pushing her to take an interest. It may seem like an obvious answer, but the truth is there is nothing obvious when it comes to the complicated relationship between men and women. The difference between feeling pressured to smoke cigars and being encouraged to smoke cigars is very real and it makes a huge difference. Saying “It’s so sexy when women smoke cigars,” won’t necessarily get the point across, but saying something like “I love cigars but they’d be so much better if I could enjoy them with you, I’d love to recommend some good ones for you to try,” will have her swooning in no time. You’re welcome.

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Sascha Illyvich
5 years ago

I wouldn’t let any of my female friends smoke anything but maybe the Alec Bradley American Classic. The other flavored cigars are an insult when you realize women have more trained abilities to detect a wider range of flavors than men can.

Jen Castle
4 years ago

This is a pretty condescending article implying women can only cope with candy and adulterated flavours.. women are as discerning as men when it comes to flavour. I’m sure some guys like candy flavours too. I don’t know why cigar smoking became associated with male culture only… i hope this gender stereotype around cigars is changing.

Chris McHugh
4 years ago

QUAI D’ORSAY imperiales… because I dont dont want to date a Partagas E.2 kind of girl…

2 years ago
Reply to  Chris McHugh

If your girl smokes ‘’fruity’’ cigars, she’s ratchet.

2 years ago

Don’t listen to this unless you also call her ‘’little lady’’ while slapping her on the ass and dismissing her from the ‘’man talk’’ a la James Bond. The first cigar I ever smoked was recommended by my local smoke shop (shout Twins in NH) and the guys recommended it based on my novice status not my genitalia. It was a Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Perfecto and those beauties (and some lanceros) still nestle in my humidor next to Ashton Toros and across the divider from Oliva Melanio double toros and Diamond Crown Maximus robustos to name a few.

Linda Acosta
2 years ago

Your words resonate with me, can you send me your favorite list of cigars. Although I tend to like some hint of mistiness or cacao, but robust and mild are more my speed.

Linda Acosta
2 years ago
Reply to  Linda Acosta
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