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Post-Turkey Cigar

Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Baked corn, baked pineapple, sweet potato casserole. Rutabaga, green bean casserole (complete with crispy onions),
cauliflower with cheese sauce. All washed down with PLENTY of wine.

Year after year, I swear I’m going to rein it in a bit during Thanksgiving dinner. And year after year, I fail to do so. The simple fact is, if I even sample a tiny amount of everything on the table, I’m going to be stuffed like the very bird that adorns it.

Clearly, this multi-thousand-calorie endeavor will require a post-dinner cigar to take the edge off. Combined with fresh, cold air and whisky, I should be back up and running in time for pumpkin pie and ice cream.

All of which begs the question: what’s will it be? That Padrón Family Reserve making eyes at me? A fuller-bodied maduro like Rocky Patel’s brand new cigar, Vudu? A celebratory Opus X? La Flor Dominicana Air Bender?

Perhaps something lighter in strength would make my belt feel more comfortable: a relaxing Davidoff, Rocky Patel Vintage ’99, Ashton Classic or Avo XO?

Whatever it ends up being, it will serve to punctuate an afternoon spent giving thanks with my family. Wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate, I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself.

Please DO let me know what cigars you plan on smoking in the comments section!