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Even MORE Cigar Questions: Answered (Pt. III)

Four More Cigar Questions Answered...

What’s this, more mail? It’s true - cigar questions have continued to roll in from the Facebook faithful, and our email has been piling up with more inquiries as to better smoking and cigar storage. Since sharing cigars together almost always involves sharing ideas, we’ve taken more questions from cigar enthusiasts who have a need to know, and present them to you so that we can all find a way to solve the world’s stogie challenges together. So far, we've covered humidification, glass top humidors, beetles, burn issues and more; this time around, however, the humidor questions revolve around freezing cigars and humidor capacity, while the smoking questions hit on inhaling cigars and what to do if you don't have time to finish that big stogie you just lit up. Check out more short, sweet video replies to these most recent questions posed by Advisor readers…maybe they'll be useful to you, too.

Cigar Question #1: How Do I Save a Half-Smoked Cigar?

I liked this question from Paul M. because it’s something I’ve done myself on occasion. He asked: “I was wondering, what is the best way to store a half smoked cigar if I plan on finishing it the next day?”

Partially-smoked cigars, or as I call them, “morning-after cigars,” can be saved, but there are several criteria you need to check first, such as, does the cigar hold-up well to relighting? Not all cigars do, and the result can be a very bitter experience. As far as saving or “storing” them goes, there are a few different ways you can go. Click the link to the video now to see how I do it.

~ Gary

Cigar Question #2: How Many Cigars Does a Humidor Hold?

Mike messaged me on Facebook, wondering about humidors. As in, should he buy one and how big of a humidor should he buy? This is a common question, and one I wrestled with when I first started smoking cigars, too. Because if you're like Mike and only buys a few cigars at a time, a humidor seems like a big investment...but it's worth it, just so you have a place to keep your smokes in case you happen into a large quantity all at once.

But those numbers can be confusing: 15-20? 25-50 cigars? That's a big disparity - so let's figure it out together: how many cigars will a humidor hold? Watch the video and find out.

~ John

Cigar Question #3: Should I Freeze My Cigars? How Do I Do It?

I got involved in a discussion on one of the cigar forums with Jim, from Virginia...he was concerned about tobacco beetles, and wanted to take some steps to prevent an outbreak in his humidor. So I asked him, "did you ever throw your cigars in a freezer?" Seems drastic, and I thought people were crazy for doing it too…until I had to do it myself. From that moment on, I realized it’s pretty damn useful trick to learn.

You can prevent beetles without freezing your cigars if you follow these storage tips; but if you want to go the extra mile and throw your stogies in the deep freeze, try this process to do it right - and not damage your cigars. Because ruined smokes are a real possibility if you don't follow these three important steps. Watch this video now to see them!

~ Jonathan

Cigar Question #4: Should I Inhale When I Smoke a Cigar?

I get a lot of great questions from our readers and it’s surprising how much one in particular keeps coming up: "should I inhale when I smoke cigars?" While the answer seems pretty obvious, it's interesting that some simple questions like this get overlooked when people are new to our hobby. So here is my quick video, where I'll give you my personal thoughts on inhaling cigars along with a few facts on the subject that might actually surprise you. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!

~ Tommy Zman