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2021 CA Report: 10 Top Corona Cigars Under $10

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Updated April 2021

What is a Corona cigar?

The name Corona means ‘crown’ and that’s fitting considering that the Corona size is a benchmark of sorts. It’s often a starting point for cigar blends and heavily favored among master blenders, especially in Cuba. Most Coronas are 5” – 6” in length with a ring gauge that falls between 42 and 46. Of course, like other sizes, there are no set standardizations.  

Here are some of the best Corona cigar examples with typical lengths and ring gauges you might see:

  • Petit Corona (5″ x 42)
  • Corona (5” x 46)
  • Corona Extra (5½” x 46)
  • Long Corona (6″ x 42)
  • Corona Grande (6½” x 46) 

Why should you smoke a Corona cigar?

You should smoke a Corona sized cigar at least once for the same reason that you should try your pizza plain before you slather all that oregano and parmesan cheese on top: it shows you what the blend was meant to taste like in its original state – along with a window back in time.

The smaller ring gauge gives a boost in flavor that you don’t find in fatter cigars, and that’s why you often see fuller-bodied blends popping up as Coronas more often. 

As I wrote previously, many cigars start as Coronas, even some mellower recipes. If things go well, the cigarmaker may scale up with a Robusto, Toro, Churchill, or even Gordo – but the advent of those larger sizes are relatively recent. Cigars throughout history averaged much smaller than they are today. 

Best Corona cigar - Corona cigar sizes

Here’s some good news. That smaller size typically comes at a smaller price – a win/win for the flavor hounds. But we’ve gone even further, sharing the best Corona cigars in our humidor that fall under the $10 threshold. 

Economics aside, there are some nice advantages to Coronas. They have a smaller ring gauge, meaning the smoke is concentrated and you get more flavor from the wrapper leaf. Additionally, Coronas can be consumed in a relatively reasonable amount of time. In fact, they’re the smallest full-size cigar you can smoke. Combine that with the great blends you’ll find below, and you’ve got the makings of an excellent experience 

Let us know in the comments which Coronas are your favorite! 

Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona

Size: Corona 5 ¼” x 45 

Best Coronas Under $10 Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

The Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona is as classic as classic gets. These Dominican staples smoke smooth thanks to Fuente’s well-aged core of Dominican tobaccos and authentic African Cameroon wrappers. I’d even argue that this – or even the 6” x 47 Fuente 858 Natural – should be your first if you’re a Corona virgin. The medium-bodied profile, the relaxing effects of its aromatically sweet and nutty smoke – you might not even need to look any further. That’s why the Cuban Corona leads off the list.


New World Connecticut by AJ Fernandez

Size: Corona Gorda 5 ½” x 46

Best Corona cigars under $10 AJ Fernandez New World Connecticut cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

AJ’s take on a mellow cigar is still…very AJ. And that means New World Connecticut by AJ Fernandez is likely more than you bargained for. Those boring Connecticuts collecting dust in your humidor…this is nothing like them. With a medium-bodied blend of Nicaraguan, Brazilian, and Mexican tobaccos under a genuine U.S. Connecticut Shade wrapper we enjoy vibrant flavors of cream, vanilla, citrus, and cedar. Flavors that think big without overwhelming you with strength, spice, or pepper. 


Nestor Miranda Corojo Collection

Size: Corona Gorda 6” x 46 

Best corona cigars under $10 Nestor Miranda Corojo Collection cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Nestor Miranda Corojo Collection is a premium example of “speak softly and carry a big stick.” These guys don’t make headlines with their cigars. No goofy marketing gimmicks – just churning out delicious cigars that smoke far above their price point. Sweet earth and spices with notes of graham cracker and cinnamon give the blend a unique, medium-plus profile that’s as balanced as it is delicious. And clearly, the flavor speaks loud enough, earning the blend a 91 rating. 


Padron Maduro

Size: Londres (Corona) 5 ½” x 42

Best Corona cigars under $10 Padron Maduro Londres cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

It’s a Padron. It’s a Corona. It’s Under $10. I really don’t need to say more, but they’ll get mad if I don’t. The brand is a staple, and their core line boasts their incredible attention to detail for a budget price. All Nicaraguan tobaccos – this one wrapped with a Maduro Habano – and a tempting duo of coffee and cocoa complement earthy spices and rich notes of caramel. Once you smoke one, you get it. And if you’re like me, you’ll never look back. 


Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Size: Petite Corona (4 ½” x 44)

Best Corona Cigars Under $10 Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

A true classic, Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 never disappoints…whether it’s your first Maduro, or you’re a die-hard dark-leaf fan. The flavors I find are extra creamy, thanks to the additional fermentation, as well as naturally sweet with rich dollops of wood, chocolate, spice, and a pinch of pepper. Rocky’s been blending the ’90s with a recipe of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos – each aged seven years – along with a lush Honduran Maduro wrapper. These cigars might as well be candy bars. A must-smoke Rocky if there ever was one.


C.L.E. Chele

Size: Corona 6” x 46

Best Corona cigars under $10 CLE Chele cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Christian Eiroa is known for resurrecting Corojo from the ashes, but he’s no one-trick pony. In fact, his C.L.E. Chele just might be one of the best Connecticuts I’ve ever had. Let’s talk tobacco. Under the hood, the cigar has a selection of Nicaraguan binder and long fillers. On top, an Ecuador cloud-grown Connecticut. This makes the box-pressed blend super creamy with nuances of vanilla, coffee, cedar, and bread that boldens to a medium-plus-profile at times. It’s quite literally a Connecticut in a league of its own. 


HVC Serie A

Size: Perlas (Corona Extra) 5 5/8” x 46

Best Corona cigars Under $10 HVC Serie A Perla cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

HVC Serie A Perlas is everything a quality Corona should be: deliciously complex, very full-bodied, and affordable. Comprised entirely of Corojo and Criollo tobaccos – including the Corojo 99 wrapper – grown in Nicaragua, each puff of these sticks is stuffed full of caramel, nuts, coffee, and sweet spices. I’ll admit, I’m only a bit impartial…I really dig this cigar. The bottom line is that HVC Serie A has given me a lot of happiness, so I’ll recommend it to anyone looking for the same! 

La Hacienda by Warped Cigars

Size: Superiores (Corona) 5 5/8” x 46

Best Corona cigars Warped cigars La Hacienda Superiores cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Every now and then, a long forgotten Cuban blend gets scooped up and given new life. Such is the story of La Hacienda by Warped Cigars. The blend is boutique to a fault – flavor forward with a savory mix of spice, salt, sweetness, and an earthy finish. Great flavor like this is accomplished through great tobaccos, so that’s why the folks at Warped went all in on La Hacienda with all-Nicaraguan leaves, even its sweet Corojo wrapper. This is the kind of cigar that gives the big brands a run for their money – humidor-worthy is an understatement. 

Perdomo Champagne

Size: Corona Extra 5 5/8” x 46

Best Corona cigars Under $10 Perdomo Champagne Corona Extra cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Once known as their 10th Anniversary cigar, Perdomo Champagne was an instant hit when it landed in 2004. Now pushing 20 years on, it still commands a high demand – and for good reasons. For one, it’s mellow and great to smoke any time of day. Two, its recipe of Nicaraguan tobaccos and Ecuador Connecticut wrapper give a unique flavor combination of cream, cocoa, and almond with a smooth finish. Three, of course, is the price – under $8 at press time. A winning trio if you ask me. 

Tatuaje Miami

Size: Noellas (Corona) 5 1/8” x 42 

Best Corona cigars Under $10 Tatuaje Miami Noellas cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Tatuaje Miami cigars first saw release in 2003, when a then-relatively unknown Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia teamed up to create a cigar in the tradition of robust, flavorful, medium to full-bodied Cuban cigars. A blend of first-generation Cuban seed tobaccos from Nicaragua are enveloped inside gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrappers, complete with Cuban-style triple cap. A luxury cigar well-worth a box buy. 

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James E Gaydos
13 years ago

I think Paul Simon mentioned something about a corona in one of his songs. You have a very nice list of coronas but you forgot to mention my favorite.
Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra, has been my morning cigar for about 2 years, replaced by a certain
Camaroon Robusto from time to time. I had been smoking the Rafael in a robusto size and ordered the corona extra by mistake. All to my benefit, so much more flavor.

James E Gaydos
13 years ago

I think Paul Simon mentioned something about a corona in one of his songs. You have a very nice list of coronas but you forgot to mention my favorite.
Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra, has been my morning cigar for about 2 years, replaced by a certain
Camaroon Robusto from time to time. I had been smoking the Rafael in a robusto size and ordered the corona extra by mistake. All to my benefit, so much more flavor.

Jack Bliesath
6 years ago

Funny I should be complaint about the same thing now. I bought a big handful of small RG cigars because they are being discontinued lines. I’ll smoke a 60 RG if I don’t have a chose. But my usual sizes are Rothchild, Robusto and Toro. As suggested my first new blend is always a Robusto. Too bad we’re losing some very good sticks.

Orlando C. Fernandez
2 years ago

My favorite Corona this year is the Aganorsa Leaf, Rare Leaf… Exceptional. The Tabernacle Corona follows it.

Jared Gulick
2 years ago

Great choices. Thanks for reading!

Ernesto Salinas
2 years ago

I have had the My Father ” Le Bijou 1922 ” in petite corona. Good smoke I enjoyed with Nescafe instant coffee.

Jared Gulick
2 years ago

Ernesto, thanks for taking the time to read the article. Sounds like an awesome pairing!

10 months ago

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos number 4 has got to be one of the best Coronas ever.

Jared Gulick
10 months ago
Reply to  DrJohn

I love it too, but it doesn’t trump the Cuban Corona for me. Thanks for reading and stay smoky :)

Jared Gulick

Jared Gulick

Features Editor, Jared Gulick, is a Certified Tobacconist, nerd of all things science, musician and serial abuser of the Oxford comma. He made his way to the Famous Smoke Shop retail store in 2018 and joined the Advisors when it was discovered that he could locate the shift key. Prior to his work in the cigar industry, he was a recording studio engineer, songwriter, and a journalism major at Northampton Community College.

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