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“Cuban Sandwich” cigars

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Q. What does “Cuban Sandwich” mean when referring to cigars?  I have done internet searches and came up with nothing but recipes.
– Brian Buck

A. For the answer to this question, I contacted one of my most knowledgeable resources, Rich Perelman at, who wrote:

“Every maker I have heard discuss sandwich-style cigars talks about a combination of short (NOT chopped) or medium-fill pieces inside some long-filler. That’s where the term “mixed fill” comes from: short/medium and long-filler in the same cigar. The sandwich part, comes, I am told, from the method by which the short/medium fill pieces are placed in the middle of long-fill leaves like a hot dog resting inside a (long-filler) bun. Then the long-fill leaves are closed over and secured by the long-filler binder.”

Actually, there are some really good Cuban Sandwich cigars out there, like the Arturo Fuente Curly Head cigar, Maroma cigars, and Spirit of Cuba cigars, to name a few.

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Gary Korb

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