Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Toro

Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Toro Cigar

Score: 7.8

By Tom Bullock

The Famous Nicaraguan 4000 Toro has an attractive khaki green smooth and oily wrapper, perfect seams, and is firm and well made. I have come to expect this from the Famous line of smokes, they do excellent work. The cap is flat and cuts perfectly. The pre-draw shows a sweet tobacco taste of mature tobaccos, and has caramel and honey aromas. It makes my mouth water just tasting it.

At light up there are big flavors of rich, mature tobacco, I really enjoy Nicaraguan cigars, the flavors are full and the aromas are captivating.

The flavor profile in the first third includes light leather, oak leaf, and caramel. There is a honey note that I find very enjoyable. The aromas are of brown sugar and cinnamon, with notes of cedar in the background. The finish is slightly lingering and tasty.

In the second third there is a note of toasted oats, along with a touch of coffee. The aromas are deep and satisfying, the finish gets more pronounced, a bit tart, but not annoying.

The last third grows more intense, there are big flavors of oak, leather notes, and spice aromas, primarily cinnamon and cedar. The finish is fuller, slightly sweet, with rich, lingering tobacco flavors. I am enjoying it even to the nub. The burn is nicely even, construction is excellent. Overall, this cigar is medium in strength, and richly flavorful.

Although this cigar is very good right now, it would be worth aging for a few months, I think it has potential to improve.

Appearance – 8
Construction – 8
Draw – 8
Burn – 9
Flavor – 7
Balance – 7
Aroma – 7
Total Score: 7.8