CACover Cigar Questions Part 20

Fan Mail: Still MORE of Your Cigar Questions...Answered (Part 20)

Your Cigar Questions Answered...

As Newman of Seinfeld fame once said: "Because the mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There's never a letup, it's relentless. Every day it piles up more and more, and you gotta get it out, but the more you get out, the more it keeps coming in! And then the bar code reader breaks! And then it's Publisher's Clearinghouse Day...!" Well, you get the idea, but we love reading your mail and answering your cigar questions. Here's what we've got on video for you this month. . .


Cigar Question #1: How do I know if my cigars really are fresh?

by Fred Lunt

Is your cigar too dry? Or worse yet, is it too wet? Well today Fred is going to show you how to do the "pinch test" on your cigars. Pinching cigars, a time-tested trial that every cigar smoker has endured will show the freshness of a cigar and even serves as an indicator of how effective your equipment is. Watch the video and see this old school cigar hack in action!


Cigar Question #2: Why are cellos used on cigars, and what are they made from?

by Gary Korb

Do you ever think about those cellophane wrappers on your cigars? Probably not. But Tyler B. from East Texas was curious and wanted to know what cellos are made from and why they're used on cigars. Check out my video answer and learn some fascinating facts about 'phane. (It really is pretty interesting.)


Cigar Question #3: Why are some of the cigars I buy from a box spongier than others?

by Tommy Zman

You guys always ask us great cigar questions, and here's yet another one from Eddie in Framingham, MA who says, "A lot of times a cigar I pull straight from the box is a little too humid and soft. How come, and is there anything I can do about it?" Well, it's a common problem and the answer lies within this quick little video...


Cigar Question #4: Does a cigar's size make a difference in flavor or ratings?

by John Pullo

Not long after our last installment of Fan Mail, Bill from Georgetown, Kentucky hit our in-box with a three-part question about shapes, flavors and ratings: “Is there truly a big difference in the characteristics we look for in a cigar from one size to another? Is there a trend in cigar shape/ size and rating? If so, what cigar shape/ size typically gets the best rating?” The short answer is “kind of,” but I think there are a few misconceptions we can clear up – especially when it comes to sizes and ratings. See what I mean, as we give Bill the “Buy One, Get Two Free” treatment in this quick video clip…

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As always, we appreciate your comments and sharing these videos with your fellow cigar smokers. If you've got a question, let us know by leaving a comment, or send us a message via Facebook or one of our other social media channels.

– Gary, John, Fred, and Zman


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