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Cigar Advisor’s Father’s Day Gift Guide Picks

The Cigar Advisors Help You Pick the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!


gary's father's day picks

I’ve never met a cigar smoker who didn’t like getting free cigars. I’ve also noticed that a lot of cigar smokers will go out of their way to score a good freebie at an in-store cigar event, even if it means driving an hour to get it. That’s what’s so great about being a cigar smoker on Father’s Day. If Dad drops enough hints, chances are he’s going to get the cigars he wants. But what if you want to get something special for your cigar-loving Dad (or husband, if you’re a Mom reading this), and not sure what to buy? Here are some guidelines and a few suggestions that will help you choose the right gift for “Pop,” “Daddy,” the “Old Man,” or your spouse, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to please him.

If you’re going to get Dad a Father’s Day gift of cigars, get him something he’ll recognize as “special”:

Padrón Maduro Sampler No. 88

Father's Day gift padron sampler

Take this Padrón Maduro sampler, for example. Cigar smokers who don’t salivate at getting the gift of Padrón cigars, are rarer than rocking horse dung. The set includes four cigars in ascending ring gauges from Padrón’s main line, plus a special treat: a “97”-rated Padrón Anniversary 1964 “Exclusivo.” The gift box also includes a re-sealable humidified cigar pouch, plus an illustrated booklet with the history of the Padrón family. Better yet, it costs well under $50, and Dad will be blown away when he opens it.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic 5-pack

Hemingway father's day gift

Another great Father’s Day gift idea that will impress Dad is the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic 5-pack. Named for the late, legendary American novelist, Hemingway cigars are a premium luxury-class selection that cigars smokers love curling their fingers around. Rolled to 7”x 48 in the distinctive Hemingway perfecto shape, the “Classic” is regarded as one of the world’s premier mild cigars, and is even beloved by cigar smokers who prefer more full-bodied smokes. At under $40 for the pack, you may be tempted to buy two and keep one for yourself.

If you’re not sure what cigars to buy Dad, get him accessories – but buy the best:

Xikar Sports Gift Pack #2

xikar father's day gift pack

It’s hard to deny that the Xikar “X-type” cigar cutter has become the industry standard. Rarely do I see any other brand of cutter used by cigar smokers, and it’s one of the four “must-have” items in the Xikar Sports Gift Pack #2. Also included are Xikar’s Stratosphere torch lighter, their virtually indestructible 5-cigar travel case (with a humidifier), and a portable ashtray can that fits comfortably in any auto cup holder. The can holds most any size cigar in place while driving, swallows plenty of ashes, has a cap that seals-in odors when not in use, and cleans-up easily. It’s even handy for use out of a vehicle. Like all Xikar products, each item is built to last, comes with Xikar’s “for life” guarantee, and at less than $60, this Father’s Day gift is a “can’t miss.”


Zman's Father's Day Picks

No one ever gives me cigar gifts because, since I’m in this line of work, they figure I already have everything related to smoking. Ok, maybe on a birthday a decade or so ago…but you would think my kids would just once show their love and affection for all gas money I’ve floated their way over the years by setting their dear ol’ dad (that’s me!) up with some tasty premium smokes, and not heist my paycheck for a change. Bitter? No. But just in case they’re reading this, let me just say that there is nothing a cigar lover (like me) gets more jacked up about than getting his favorite sticks and accessories for Father’s Day. So here are three thoughtful little items of which any dad (also me) would be elated to be on the receiving end…

Red Walnut Humidor

humidor father's day gift

If you’re tired of watching that guy hoarding his cigars in plastic bags, this little humidor holds up to 50 sticks and is the perfect solution for storing those sticks! With attractive red walnut veneer and a Spanish cedar lining, it also includes a cedar divider, humidifier and hygrometer to assure proper humidity levels. And at this price it just might be the best deal in our Gift Guide. Order this great gift item now!

Rocky Patel Juniors Connecticut

rocky patel cigars father's day giftCigar lovers don’t always have the time to have a big stick, but still want to enjoy some flavorful premium goodness. Rocky Patel Juniors are the answer to his tobacco conundrum as this mild and tasty petite corona will satisfy any cravings. With Nicaraguan and Dominican leaf on the inside and a naturally sweet Connecticut shade wrapper on the outside, it’s a delicious short smoke Dad (me!) can enjoy anytime.

XIKAR High Performance Set

xikar gift set father's day gift

If you really want to impress that cigar lover in your life with a Father’s Day gift, surprise him with this cutter and lighter gift set that’ll make him the envy of all his smoking buddies! XIKAR is the brand that’s famous for innovation and cool looks along with superior quality craftsmanship. These guys have taken cigar accessories to a new level and you’ll be the hero with this awesome gift set!


John's Father's Day picks

I think I’ve finally nailed it this year: my perfect Father’s Day strategy. It’s going to be a little bit of everything…having a meal and some laughs with my Dad, getting some quality time with my wife and our baby girl, and still managing to carve out an hour to relax with my feet up on the porch. If I can pull it all off in one day, it’d be like hitting the trifecta.

Of course, enjoying a cigar would be icing on the cake. And while we cigar guys can be a picky bunch when it comes to our smokes (though there are easy tips to picking cigar gifts), I’m always happy to receive a hand-rolled gift in honor of a special day. If you’re contemplating cigars for a Father’s Day gift – and your Dad/husband/whoever sounds like he’d benefit from my plan – here are three things I’d put on the “buy” list instead of  lawn-aerating shoes:

Vertigo Executive Cigar Lighter

vertigo lighter father's day gift

Dad always needs a knockaround lighter…and for under 20 bucks, this piece from Vertigo undoubtedly fits the bill. The Executive can bang around in his pocket or briefcase yet still toast the finest of handmades in a wide variety of sizes thanks to two wind-resistant, adjustable torch flames; meaning Pops won’t spend half his special day trying to light that 6×60 with a measly single-jet jobber. Be nice and spring for a can of butane to go with it. He’ll still be proud of you for not breaking the bank on him.

Tabak Especial Negra 5 Cigar Sampler

tabak especial sampler father's day gift

I recently had the pleasure of sneaking away for a few days’ vacation, and every morning my rise-n’-shine routine started with one of these cigars and a couple cups of coffee. Both were brewed gran huevos: the coffee black, and the Tabak Especial featuring already-rich Nicaraguan longfillers steeped with an equally sturdy infusion of estate-grown coffee. The aroma is just out of this world, too. Buy it, smoke it, and still have room for breakfast. Probably would go well with a White Russian too, but I don’t think anyone’s ordered one of those since The Big Lebowski came out.  [Ed. Note: This sampler is no longer in stock at Famous Smoke Shop; click the image to view other Tabak Especial cigar options.]

The Best of Perdomo Medium/Full Sampler

perdomo sampler father's day gift

Nick Perdomo makes my short list of suggestions because more than anything else, he is a family man through and through. His was also one of the first premium cigars I ever had (and liked) – and I inevitably recommend them to most everyone. Perdomo learned from his father (Nick Sr., who learned from his father Silvio), so celebrate your Pop with a very share-able 10-pack that features some of Nick’s finest Nicaraguan work: the lush Champagne; two of the tasty, toasty Habano selections; the smooth Lot 23, and one of my everyday smokes, the Cuban Parejo. Your old man may be so moved by your generosity, he’ll share them with you. And that’s a Father’s Day well-spent.

Jonathan's Father's Day picks

Being the youngest in the office, I’m probably the closest person to the time period in every young man’s life when they say “maybe Dad was right about everything.” Included in this realization is his knowledge of finances. After all, part of his job is playing financial advisor, and he’s done a bang up job helping me blow away the nearly peak-less amount of student debt I still have to take down, which our wonderful government deems acceptable. So finding the best product for the best price is something he’s been slowly but surely teaching me in order to get quality along with allowing me to save my pennies. Using his advice, I try to find the best cigars and accessories on the market at a steal of a price. And boy, have I found some good ones…

Alloy Metal Ashtray

ashtray father's day gift

For Father’s Day, it’s almost mandatory to sit down with your pops and smoke a stogie if he just so happens to partake. One of the best in the biz is the Alloy Metal Large Ashtray. This mammoth metallic masterpiece is perfect if you and your dad want to kick back and relax with a stogie. It’s even got two extra holders if you feel so inclined as to invite your mooch of an older brother to join in. Just let him bring his own cigars.

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos

davidoff cigarillos father's day gift

Cigars in your Dad’s youth are far different from the cigars you’re finding in your youth. Today we have meaty, strong, flavored, sweetened, and soon they’re probably going to start putting laser pointers in them or something. But in your Pop’s day & age, short and skinny were king with brands like White Owl. Well, now’s your chance to give him the best of both worlds. Give him a modern day flavor with an old school size, courtesy of Davidoff. Made with only premium long aged tobaccos, this reminder of how cigars used to be made will be sure to put a smile on his face.

Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Chateau Fuente 5 Pack

Chateau Fuente 5 pack father's day gift

This is the ultimate Father/Son cigar. The Fuente family has been in the cigar and tobacco business for literally generations dating back to Cuba. From generation to generation, they made it a point to teach their children how to properly grow, harvest, blend, and smoke cigars so that they may one day lay claim to the Fuente dynasty. Nothing this Father’s Day says “Thanks, Dad” like an Arturo Fuente cigar. It’s an astounding tribute cigar to the man who made you who you are today, and taught you the important things in life.


Cigar Advisor Staff

Cigar Advisor Staff

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