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Flavoring a dog rocket

Q. A friend gave me a box of cigars that tasted horrible. How canI flavor them with vanilla? CanI put some vanilla in with my solution for my humidifier? Will that work?
– Glen H.

A. If they taste that horrible, there’s really not much you can do except 1) pass them on to a cigar smoker you don’t like, or 2) chuck them in the trash can. No wonder your friend gave them away.

If you really want to flavor your cigars with vanilla, the only thing I can suggest would be to place the cigars in a sealed container and toss in a bunch of vanilla sticks from the spices section at one of the better supermarkets or a gourmet shop. Let them sit in there for about a month, and that might help, but I wouldn’t expect much improvement in the overall quality of the smoke.

As far as adding vanilla extract to your humidifier, I don’t think that will do much good either. More likely, it will just gunk-up the unit.

If I were you, I’d find a different cigar box, put the dog rockets in there, and hand them back to the so-called “friend” who gave them to you in the first place as “a token of your appreciation.”

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