George Orwell, Cigars, And FDA Cigar Regulation

fda cigar legislation

Tommy Zman tells you about pending FDA cigar legislation and what you can do to help!

Today I introduce to you the short video we at Famous Smoke Shop put together advising all of you who love cigars about the inherent dangers that exist if the FDA gains control over the cigar industry.

The reason we did this is simple: our beloved industry is in REAL danger due to proposed FDA cigar regulation and this piece outlines pretty clearly what bad things could happen to your cigars – from the manufacturing, the way you are allowed (or not allowed) to buy them, and lastly… even possible extinction.

While the feedback has been astounding to this video presentation, I’ve heard a few clamorings on the internet forums where certain people simply don’t believe what we’ve stated, calling it pure conjecture and hype. And to that, I can say, if you continue to believe that, you have been very sadly misinformed.

LISTEN TO ME… I have personally spent a lot of time with people like Glynn Loope, the Executive Director of the lobbyist group, Cigar Rights of America, as well as owners and top executives of many of the cigar manufacturers. I have learned first-hand about the intentions behind FDA cigar industry regulations and there isn’t a person who works in this business who takes this lightly, whatsoever. And, I can assure you that no one takes this more serious than the people at Famous.

FACT: Famous Smoke Shop has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of the organizations who are fighting for cigar smoker’s rights and continues to do so. So my question to you is: WHY – why on earth would we invest THAT kind of money to protect cigars if there wasn’t a REAL and dangerous threat to the existence of the pastime and lifestyle we all love?

WATCH this short video. HEAR what’s going on with the FDA. I truly believe that you’ll FEEL differently after you learn what’s really going on.

So WATCH the video below and let us know what you think. We’ve also included a few additional links to articles and credible sources that confirm this information.

Here are the links I mentioned where you can learn more about the FDA’s intentions and why the entire cigar industry is currently fighting for it’s very existence: