Got cigars? (But no humidor?)

Q. What is the best way to store a box of cigars without a humidor?
J. Hatley

A. The most common solution is to use a plastic,Tupperware-type container that would keep the cigars fresh. This is often referred to as a “Tupperdor.” Get a container large enough to hold at least one box of cigars, and keep the cigars “as-is” inside their factory box. A small humidifier can be placed inside the Tupperdor to maintain some humidity. (Some experts suggest dampening the bottom of the box with distilled water to get some extra moisture in the Tupperdor.) Since these containers are so air-tight, it helps to open it once a week for an hour to let some fresh air circulate.

One the other hand, if you plan on smoking through the box of cigars rather quickly, say, within a month, just keep the cigars in their box, in a cool, dark space, and it wouldn’t hurt to put the box inside a large, sealable plastic bag just for insurance against drying out. Under those conditions, they should last about a month in their factory box with little or no problems.