High Temperature Woes

Q. I live in Phoenix, andtemperatures are now getting warmer. Ikeep my humidors at 70 degrees, however the room temp sometimes gets to 75 or 76. Is the high temp going to be a problem for me?
– Chuck T.

A. High temperature problems can be avoided if you do the following:
1. Keep your humidor in the coolest place in the house; a dark, cool space is even better.
2. Avoid any direct lamp or sunlight over the humidor
3. When the temp climbs to 75, try lowering the humidity to around the 65% range, as that will help balance the relationship between temp and relative humidity (RH). What you don’t want are high temps and high RH.
4. Check several or more of your cigars every couple of days for suppleness. Only add a little distilled water to the humidifier if necessary.
5. Rotate your cigars from bottom to top every six weeks or so, and try space them out a little to get some air flow between them.