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How I Review a Cigar

Each time we smoke a new cigar, we try to experience the flavors, spices, strength, and a whole plethora of different qualities and nuances during our smoke, so we can remember it to be good or awful. This is our own personal review that we create for each cigar, and a lot of bloggers and people like me have made careers writing about cigars and doing cigar reviews. Now, if you’re a cigar blogger or want to get in on the craze of being one, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your cigar review is top notch. There are a lot of reviews out there that are terrible, and we want to put a stop to that right now.


First things first, never just jump right into a review. If there is no background information, your reader is going to simply close out your page and move on. What’s the blend information, country of origin, or the company history? Some smokers won’t even dream of smoking a cigar with a particular wrapper or that uses tobacco from a specific country. You have to give the reader an absolute education on the cigar in general and the reason the cigar was created. It adds intrigue to the cigar and gives the smoking experience meaning. Of course some cigar companies roll cigars just for the hell of it, but a special cigar that was created with a specific intent should have its story told.


Second, make sure you include pictures of your cigar. This is always important when posting a non-bias review of a cigar. Any person can say the ash quality was good or bad or the burn quality was crappy, but show exactly what you mean by posting images throughout your smoke. There are new cigar smokers jumping into the industry every day that may not know what tunneling or canoeing means. Give them a visual education on the terms, so they are on the same page as an experienced cigar smoker.


Lastly, don’t overcomplicate your review by trying to sound like a stuck up aficionado. Everyone is going to have a different palate than you, but there will be a dominant flavor in every cigar that will be consistent from person to person. Do not make the mistake of putting in the subtle flavors that you may taste that someone else may not. It disconnects the reader from your review, especially if the reader has smoked the cigar previously. Nobody wants to read how you taste cool cucumber or French vanilla coffee. Instead, talk about the dominant flavors because it is consistent and relatable with everyone.


Every cigar smoker is at least a little interested of what people think of their favorite cigars or any new cigar hitting the market, to determine if they want to buy them or not. It is up to the reviewer to make the review relatable to the reader in a way that is clear, concise, and pertinent. If you make your review too in-depth or too lacking, you are bound to turn readers away. But as long as you keep writing and follow our tips, you’ll be a proper reviewer in no time at all.

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