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How to Act in a Cigar Lounge

A cigar lounge is a great place to smoke where you can meet other cigar lovers and learn more about them is at a cigar lounge. It is a place to learn about the culture of smoking, etiquette, and immerse yourself with knowledge about cigar brands, flavors, trends, and family names. A lot of people that are members of a lounge go there to relax and it is their place away from home to enjoy what they are smoking. If you have never been to a lounge before there is a certain etiquette that you should know about before becoming a member or spending the day in a lounge with a cigar.

If you are a cigar aficionado or have mastered the techniques of properly smoking, do not point out faults in other smokers. Smoking is a personal preference and everyone has their own way to smoke and enjoy a stick. You should never tell someone how to smoke unless you are asked. Do not interrupt someone mid-puff and tell them they are inhaling wrong, and do not stop someone while they are lighting their stick and give them pointers for example.

Another important rule of etiquette in a lounge is to not be on your cell phone allowing others to hear your conversation. If you have to make or take a phone call, do it outside. Most lounges are fairly quiet and it is a place to relax and get to know fellow cigar lovers. If you are there to work on your laptop or conduct business, please put the sound very low or have it muted.

Part of knowing the etiquette of a certain lounge is knowing the people who are members. It is helpful to get to know the staff and smokers so you will know what is acceptable or not. Some lounges have televisions and computers for you to use, so it would be ok for you to bring in a movie or request a show to watch. Also, some members of a lounge set up weekly poker games or card games. How people act in a lounge will help you to interact with the staff and other members.

Keep in mind that when you are trying to get to know people, do not steal every conversation or interrupt. It is proper etiquette in any situation to allow people to finish talking and to not jump into a conversation and trying to change the topic.

Another rule of etiquette is to not be boastful, especially in a cigar lounge. You do not want to suggest to other members that your cigars are better than theirs or that you have the best humidor. Smoking cigars is very personal because we each have our own preferences for strengths, flavors, shapes, sizes, and brands. Let each cigar smoker enjoy and love what they have chosen to smoke.

There are cigar lounges all over the world and they are great places to smoke. It is a place to be surrounded by all things cigar related. You can make friends, talk about cigars, and learn more about the culture of smoking. It is a place for both men and women so ladies, do not be afraid to join one. When you are joining a lounge, be sure to remember these rules of etiquette.

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