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A Cigar Tasting Seminar with Jose Blanco

The seminar was divided into 2-parts. The first part was designed to demonstrate the effects of different wrapper types on the overall flavor in a cigar. To accomplish this, José had some cigars created that had 5 different wrapper types on the same cigar (see photo below). With the same filler and binder throughout the cigar, we were able to taste the differences in the wrapper types as we worked our way through the cigar.

Besides demonstrating that different wrappers would lend distinctly different flavor and body characteristics to a cigar, the seminar also showed us that no matter how many people taste a cigar, it is likely that they will all get slightly different perceptions about the flavors. Most of us attending the seminar had a lot of experience tasting cigars and describing those flavors, but our descriptions of the test cigar varied: sometimes subtly and sometimes substantially.

The second part of the seminar was designed to show us how different filler blends and binders will change the flavors in cigars with the same wrappers. This is the corollary to the first part of the seminar. If different wrapper types will change the flavor and body of cigars with the same filler and binder, then different fillers and binders will no doubt change the flavors of cigars with the same wrapper types. Again, not only was this notion supported, but our descriptions of the flavors and body were diverse, showing once again that individual perceptions of flavor, body and strength are unique to the individual.

I was able to take some video footage during the seminar and after returning from the trip I stitched together some of the high points of the seminar. You can view this video by clicking the video frame below. Enjoy!

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(This article originally appeared in the StogieFresh Newsletter of April 11, 2011)

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