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Cigar News: Toscano Cigars Releasing New Toscano Master Aged Series 4

Series 4 Uses Innovative Micro-Fermentation Wrapper Process

On the heels of the first three bestselling Toscano Master Aged Series cigars, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano is extending its family with the Toscano Master Aged Series 4. This newest series is also distinguished by an innovative micro-fermentation process for the wrapper. This fermentation process gives body to the smoke without being overly aggressive to the palate.

The Master Aged Series 4 wrapper is a dark, oily, and homogeneous Italian Kentucky-seed tobacco leaf. After the fire-curing process, the wrapper is stored in special rooms that are conditioned at a very high and constant humidity and temperature for about 10 days. This process ensures that the micro fermentation process will be fully expressed from the first puff. The process also helps perfect this exclusive cigar’s singular aroma.

The filler blend is 100% fire-cured Kentucky seed tobacco sourced from Valtiberina, Tuscany and the U.S. states of Kentucky and Tennessee. These tobaccos undergo an elongated drying process which supersedes that of the standard Toscano cigars. The result is a full-body, full-strength smoke that is well-balanced and tempered by the exclusive micro-fermented wrapper.

Toscano Master Aged was created by Toscano’s master blender in order to create a unique production process with an extra maturation period. Starting from the fifth day of maturation the product is monitored daily for specific humidity and temperature standards. These standards must be constantly maintained to achieve absolute perfection. The entire maturation process lasts for a minimum of 360 days in special maturation cells that are dedicated to these particular blends.

cigar advisor news – toscano cigars releasing new toscano master aged series 4 – release – open box Toscano Master Aged cigars are now produced in four different varieties consisting of Italian and American tobaccos. Blended with different wrapper and filler combinations, each Toscano Master Aged cigar provides a unique taste and smoking experience.

Toscano Master Aged 4 MSRP: $8 per-cigar / $240 box of 30
Size: 6¾” x 46