Lighting Perfecto Cigars

Q. I have been smoking cigars on occasion for about a year now and have enjoyed a few different shapes, and blends.I just bought some Davidoff Short Perfectos, andI havent smoked a perfecto yet. Is there a specific way to light it that differs from other cigars?
– R. Christensen
A. My favorite cigar shape is the Double Perfecto, and the Davidoff Short Perfecto is one of the best. (Check out the Oliva Serie O Perfecto. Fantastic, and a lot less $, too.)

With regard to lighting it, no dif’ really. Simply clip off about a 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch at the head. You might even want to use a V-cutter, which are great for figurados. Check the draw. Then, gently torch the foot until it glows and blow on it. (Don’t get the flame too close; you don’t want to char the sides.) That should get it started, then draw on the cigar. If it’s made right, the cigar will continue to burn “perfectly” up the shaft from the foot; hence the name, “perfecto.”