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More Cigar Questions: Answered

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So…you have cigar questions, eh? You’re not alone – one of the greatest things about cigars is learning more about them as we smoke them, and whenever we Advisors find some good info, we like to pay it forward to you. We also get a lot of questions tossed our way on social media and here at the office – but rather than keep the answers (and the discussion) a secret, we though it worthwhile to share our take on the queries we get from both new and seasoned cigar vets alike on pretty much anything cigar-related. Last time around, we talked burn issues, cellos on or off and cigar gifts in our videos; this time, let’s call it the “Humidor Edition“…a batch of the most often-asked questions pertaining to humidors and cigar storage that we receive from Cigar Advisor readers.  If your stogie challenge involves humidor care, watch these 4 videos for some details that just might help…

Cigar Question #1: Where do you place the humidifier in a glass top humidor?

As the owner of a glass top humidor, myself, I could relate to this question from Tyler who asked: “Does the humidifier have to be mounted under the lid, or will enough moisture be added to the air if it’s sitting on the bottom?”

Since most cigar humidors are designed for placing the humidifier under the lid, a glass top model presents a sticky situation, but there are several workable options. If you’ve been thinking about getting a glass top humidor, click the video for my answer.

~ Gary


Cigar Question #2: Is tap water ok to use in my humidor?

“Is it ok to use tap water instead of distilled water in a humidor?” It’s an age-old question cigar smokers around the world contemplate, including Tom from New Jersey. While it may seem like a harmless substitution or an easy way to keep your cigars fed and watered in a pinch – or, in case  you’re wondering what the harm could be – there’s some thought involved in refilling the humidifying device in the humi and having it perform consistently. It’s easier than you think, however. Watch my short video and see why water type matters, so you know exactly how to properly humidify and care for your stogies.

~ Jonathan



Cigar Question #3: What are the pros and cons of using a glass top humidor?

This is an insanely popular question! I’ve actually been asked this two or three times over the course of the past month, and been a part of a conversation about the benefits of glass top humidors while browsing through my local cigar shop. The way I see it is, you’re going to buy a humidor that suits you…as in, you like how it looks. As for one being better than the other, however, they both do the job well – it just depends on how much humidor maintenance and preparation you’re interested in doing on the front end when you buy a new humidor. I have both kinds, and it’s a series of trade-offs: a glass top requires a little more prep, but presents well, while a standard humidor is a little more unassuming while being more hands off. So my answer would be, don’t be afraid to use a glass top humi – just be prepared to do some extra handiwork, as I explain in this short video…

~ John

Cigar Question #4: How do I prevent tobacco beetles from showing up in my humidor?

Everyone has their natural born enemy: the Hatfield vs. the McCoys is epic, the hatred between Yankees and Red Sox fans is eternal; but without question, it is the tobacco beetle that your hand rolled cigar dreads the most. Joey wrote to me from the Bronx, because he thinks he has evidence of these little critters showing up in his humidor at home. For his sake, I hope not. Watch this short video and I’ll tell you – and Joey – why you might get ’em and better yet, how you can avoid them.

~ Zman

Feel free to share these with your Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf; and if you have more questions you’d like answered, hit us on Facebook or leave it in a comment below!

And stay tuned to see the answers in our next round of cigars questions

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