More Local Governments Need to Think like Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Council member Dave Thiede is quoted as saying it would have been “a policy with no teeth.” We couldn’t agree more. Council was also worried about the policy implications for situations like backyard bonfires and cookouts. The proposed park smoking ban was also endorsed by the city’s parks and environment commissions.

Oh my, local elected officials using such logic! How we would like to have the Cottage Grove City Council approach in Austin to Atlanta, from Los Angeles County, to New York City.

CRA commends Cottage Grover City Council members Mayor Myron Bailey, Derrick Lehrke, Jen Peterson, Justin Olsen, and David Thiede.

Public park smoking bans are among the most challenging to tackle. However, based upon this action is Cottage Grove and the recent sweeping smoking ban rejection in Johnson County, Indiana, we thought we should reprint the words of Dr. Michael Siegel, Professor of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health – and no friend of tobacco. Dr. Siegel issued this op-ed piece in the New York Times, upon the adoption of the NYC outdoor smoking restrictions advocated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The title says it all – “A Smoking Ban Too Far.”

Please circulate this link, if your local government is considering a public park smoking ban: