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CA 2016 Report: Most Popular Torpedo Cigars

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The Most Popular Torpedo Cigars

by Jonathan Detore

Torpedo 1: FIRE! Torpedo 2: FIRE! That’s what I shout every time I go on a cigar binge. And yes, I usually fire up torpedo after torpedo cigar to blow my taste buds out of the water. Every cigar smoker has a size he or she is drawn to, and as of late, cigar smokers have been choosing torpedo cigars more so than before. Why is this? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that may be contributing to this recent trend.

The first thing I want to point out is what seems to be the decline of the “big cigar” fad. The point of making yourself look as though you’re trying to suck the warhead out of an ICBM has always been lost on this humble cigar smoker, as well as many others who have lost their appetite for bigger cigars. It makes no sense to continue this trend when there is conceivably no benefit other than burn time and an added reward of acute lockjaw. This is where Torpedo cigars have proven useful for people transitioning from big cigars to more traditional sizes. With a tapered end for a more comfortable mouth feel and lower price tag, smokers can still enjoy relatively bigger cigars (up to around a 56 ring gauge) a lot more comfortably than before, all while possibly saving some money and better enjoying their smoke.

But really, the story behind what makes the Torpedo one of the more popular sizes out there is the simple yet elegant tapered end. With a snip of the cap, smoke is drawn straight to the center of your palate, delivering puff after puff of pure flavor straight to your receptors, giving you a whirlwind of every note hidden within each Torpedo cigar you smoke. This is especially useful for the big cigar smokers looking to still smoke relatively big cigars. Instead of the wrapper being drowned out of the limelight in a proportionally disadvantageous smoke by core tobaccos, the tapered end allows the wrapper flavor to thrive more in bigger cigars. Through the same concept, cigar smokers who are looking to escape smaller cigars for a longer burn time while still maintaining a lot of the wrapper’s natural flavor can also go for the Torpedo.

So, after that quick lesson, let’s get into Cigar Advisor’s list of the most popular Torpedo cigars!

Natural Dirt Torpedo

Natural Dirt Torpedo cigars on saleArguably one of the most popular torpedo cigars on the market to date, the Natural Dirt Torpedo cigars take their name from the rich earth found in Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua from which this oily cigar garners its incredible wrapper. The draw is always perfect, and the added sweet spice is great with a morning cup of Cuban coffee or espresso with a touch of sugar and lemon zest.


Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo

Oliva serie v Melanio Torpedo cigars on saleIt takes a skilled roller to make a Torpedo shaped cigar, and not many people are qualified to roll them. Luckily, Oliva has some of the best rollers in the business making the best Torpedo cigars on the shelf. The Master Blends 3, Nub Habano 464T, Serie O; all are kingpins in the Torpedo world, but the Serie V Melanio is perhaps their best. With rave reviews and breaking records for some of the highest ratings ever recorded in the industry from multiple publications, it’s no wonder customers clamor for this premium stogie.


Perdomo Champagne Torpedo

Perdomo Champagne Torpedo cigars on saleFor years this has been my go-to recommendation for newbie cigar smokers looking to try something full flavored while staying somewhat in the mild strength range. But really, it’s a cigar everyone loves for almost any occasion. You can probably count how many times you’ve seen this elegant Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar at weddings or New Year’s parties, and with no signs of slowing down production, you’ll be sure to see this crowd favorite at nearly every celebration for decades to come.


Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo

Montecristo No 2 torpedo cigars on saleClassic. That’s how I would describe this renowned cigar in one word. It’s an absolute classic with any true cigar lover able to identify what this cigar is on the first puff of a blind taste test, and should be able to spot this iconic shape and simplistic cigar band from 100 yards out. Hell, they might even break the 100 yard dash record just to get their hands on it. Montecristo set the bar high on this full flavored Connecticut wrapped cigar, but what more would you expect from this epic brand?


CAO Brazilia Samba

CAO Brazilia Samba cigars on saleCAO Brazilia cigars have been, and always will be, one of the most underrated cigars of all time. How it hasn’t captured the hearts of all 7.5 billion people on Earth is beyond me. But give me a moment to turn you into a true believer, too. Picture the scene: Arapiraca, Brazil. A man harvests the fruit of his hard labor by cutting, curing, and fermenting his first tobacco crop, and rolls it into a cigar. He weeps. He weeps tears of absolute joy at the flavor emanating from the product of his time toiling in the hot and humid Brazilian sun. He names the new strand after the town in which he grew his tobacco, and he is hoisted on the shoulders of the people, and paraded down the streets in celebration; for he has placed Arapiraca on the map as the “Tobacco Capital of Brazil.” With the Samba, expect rich creamy toasted flavors with a bold aroma that will have you weeping with delight, much like the pioneer who first planted tobacco in Arapiraca, Brazil.

Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B

Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B cigars on saleThis chunky Queen comes in at a royal 5 ½ x 52 to give you extra smoke time out of this small batch offering. However, all the flavors from the well-aged Dominican core and naturally sweet Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper are in full effect as the tapered end coats your palate in what can only be described as one of Fuente’s best offerings. Fuente lovers know what’s up: the flavor is nothing short of amazing, and the aroma complements the cigar so well, you’ll be hard matched to find a smoke as well rounded as this.


Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Corojo

Rocky Patel Edge Torpedo cigars on saleFull bodied cigar fans, this one is for you. The Rocky Patel Edge Torpedo Corojo has long been one of Rocky’s best cigars, and it continues to rank extremely well with customers from around the nation. If there’s one thing Rocky does right, it’s Honduran tobacco. And this Honduran Corojo wrapper really hits the spot when mixed with a premium blend of all-ligero longfillers. The complexity is astounding, but be warned: a cigar with this much flavor and complexity to it can disguise what an absolute powerhouse this smoke really is.


Nub Cameroon 464T

Nub Cameroon 464T torpedo cigars on saleI couldn’t help but put another Oliva creation on the list. Especially one that, much like the Brazilia Samba, is extremely underrated. This is an example of what I mentioned before of a fat cigar with a torpedo tip. The reason behind the tapered end is for a more comfortable mouth feel on what is sure to be over an hour and a half smoke. The Cameroon wrapper and blend of Nicaraguan longfiller tobaccos do a spicy-sweet dance off on your palate that will keep you interested in finding out which will win out in the end. But no matter which end of the spectrum you think comes out victorious, you’re the real winner with this cigar. But for those looking for a little more “oompf,” I highly recommend the Nub Habano 464T. It’s actually one of my personal favorite Torpedo cigars, and comes in a close second in terms of popularity behind the Cameroon-wrapped version.


Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real No. 2

RyJ Reserva Real No 2 cigars on saleRomeo y Julieta kicked it up a notch when they created the Reserva Real line of cigars. Essentially, the master blenders wanted something similar to their wildly popular and original Romeo y Julieta line, so they added some new Nicaraguan longfillers to literally spice up the original blend. Cigar smokers went absolutely nutso for it, and they continue to pick up multiple boxes at a time of this beauty. It’s full flavored to be sure, but still maintains a milder to medium strength level which won’t overpower any mild cigar lovers looking to get into more flavorful cigars, and won’t disappoint any strong cigar smokers by still offering the full flavor they love.


Ashton VSG Torpedo

Ashton VSG torpedo cigars on saleAnother absolute classic on this list, and the reason I don’t really pay attention to anyone’s Top 25 of all-time cigars lists that comes out every year. This should be in the top 5 cigars every single year on every single list, which I suppose would make these annual lists a bit… boring… But as much as these publications try, there’s no denying the Ashton Virgin Sun Grown – or VSG – is quite possibly one of the most desireable cigars ever conceived. With 6 different Cuban seed Dominican longfiller tobaccos on the inside and a 7th Cuban seed Ecuadorian Habano ligero leaf on the outside, this savory cigar has enough mouths watering to power the Hoover Dam’s generators for the foreseeable future.


La Gloria Cubana Torpedo

La Gloria Cubana Torpedo cigars on saleDammit! Just when I thought I was done with the classics, another rears its beautiful cap. Originally hailing from Cuba, this highly complex blend pays tribute to its roots by not only adopting the original Cubanesque taste these delights were known for back before the days of Fidel, but they also take on the traditional Cuban Figurado shape. This is an old rendition of a Torpedo cigar that is more like a Pyramid than anything, but I’m counting it and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s medium bodied, smokes for around 2 hours due to the 6 ½ x 54 size, and delivers a relaxing earthy, woody, spice with an aroma that is just as pleasing.


Padron 6000

Padron 6000 cigars on saleThought I was going to miss out on the Padrons, huh? Not even a chance. Every line Padron makes is like a gift straight from the Garden of Eden. The slightly box-pressed 6000 is no exception to that rule, being one of the highest rated out of the entire Thousand Series. This rustic looking cigar comes equipped with a truckload of Nicaraguan tobaccos including a wrapper loaded with aromatic and flavorful oils, which helps give great smoke production and adds to the overall aroma and quality of this stellar cigar. And with Padron’s trademark coffee/cocoa essence, this full bodied cigar goes great with an after dinner espresso martini, chocolate porter, or cup of coffee. Trust me, I’ve experimented.


My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo

My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigars on saleIf we’re going to talk lists, we’re going to talk about the number one cigar of the year. And folks, this is it. Earlier I said the Ashton VSG should be close to the top spot every year, and I stand by that statement. But the 1922 Torpedo is certainly another cigar that should always rank among the top year after year. As I sit here and type this with burnt fingers because I nubbed the hell out of it, I can truly give this cigar a spot on my top 10 favorite cigars list. With a perfect burn and complex flavor from start to finish, you’ll be burning your fingers just like me in no time trying to smoke this epic cigar to the very end.


Padron 1964 Torpedo

Padron 1964 Torpedo cigars on saleNatural or Maduro, it truly doesn’t matter which variation of the well-liked Padron 1964 you get. You’re going to get one of the best Torpedo cigars in the world. These cigars rank neck-and-neck with us here at Cigar Advisor and it seems they do with our readers as well. Both are loaded with really complex and savory flavors that range from spicy and earthy, to cocoa and coffee, right down to citrusy and woody. You can never go wrong with the Padron 1964 for any special occasion or to just lounge back and enjoy your down time. If you haven’t pick up one of these cigars, it is a true must-try.


Torpedo cigars are a thing of mastery. From the skill needed to roll them, to the expert blending it takes to make them the flavor bombs we love, Torpedo cigars are one of the best vitolas on the market today. If you truly want to experience the difference between a more traditional vitola and a Torpedo cigar, try this little experiment. Pick out a cigar that you love and smoke a Robusto or Toro. Take note of the flavors, aroma, and complexity. In the next day or two, light up the same cigar in a Torpedo vitola, and take note of any changes you experience. You may be surprised at how different the smoke truly is.

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Jack Bliesath
7 years ago

Great intro! You spoke exactly to my tastes! While Im closing in two years, torpedoes have been my choice. I don’t like to smoke all day sticks. I love the bellicosos and the normal torps. You have some new ones I will try this week! Great review!

Jack B

Bill Beyer
7 years ago

Nice article. The only thing I would add is that torpedos seem to develop tar more often than parejos, particularly if the draw is a little tight. It’s easily remedied but can be a little off putting. Other than that I love the tapered end of torpedos and perfectos.

Wane Brown
6 years ago

Outstanding and On Point !!

Jonathan DeTore

Jonathan DeTore

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