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CA Report: Top New Cigars – Dec. 10 2018

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A full humidor is a happy humidor; and this installment of Top New Cigars has no shortage of special occasion cigars you won’t hesitate to open the lid and share what’s inside with your friends and family this holiday season.

Because here’s the thing about Christmas and cigars…it’s a time for giving. Stash away your cheap cigars and bring a smoke that makes the event something to remember. It’s also a time to treat yourself to that perfect new cigar pick, what I call a “winter warmer” – for your end-of-the-year herf.

Today, we dig into the pallets that just rolled into Receiving and go three-deep on Montecristo, bookended by fresh Romeo and a pure bred Aging Room; so if you held back a bit of your budget to try some new cigars for Christmas, here are 5 worth your time…


Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua

Shop Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Romeo takes a Nicaraguan turn, and we’re excited about it…you will be too, if you’ve been after a rich, spicy and refined cigar that smokes with RyJ quality and affordability. All-Nicaraguan in its makeup with a caramel-colored Habano wrapper, it’s not made to drop Shock & Awe on your tastebuds – but won’t leave you wanting in the flavor department, either: this new Romeo smokes smooth with notes of earth, oak, sweet spice, and a citrus zest. Feedback is already coming in from the first-in-line crowd – so if your judgment relies on ratings, those early returns rate this new cigar from Romeo as a “strong buy.”


Montecristo Relentless by Plasencia

Shop Montecristo Relentless cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Perhaps your Christmas budget went up in flames before you splurged on your holiday smokes…Nestor Plasencia Jr. has partnered with Montecristo to make the save: it’s an updated Relentless, exclusive to Famous Smoke Shop. They’ve made a medium-bodied, all-Nicaraguan smoke that’s heavy in warm, semi-sweet spices, with nutty undertones – leaving behind a snowy-white ash.

If you are hip to Monte’s habit of whispering sweet nothings to your taste buds, the new Relentless continues that practice – and at a pretty down to earth price. Which means you won’t be flipping your couch cushions for a few extra coins to buy a box, and no reservations about sharing with your cigar pals.


Montecristo Ciudad de Musica

Shop Montecristo Ciudad de Musica cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

The Grupo de Maestros are known for setting the bar high…here, the Crowned Heads gang clears it with confidence, thanks to an assist from Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. Another new collaboration cigar, this is Crowned Heads’ tip of the cap to the Montecristo legacy, and tying in their own roots to “the Music City” – Nashville, Tennessee. Made at EPC’s factory in the DR, it’s a medium-bodied blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican underneath a chestnut-colored Ecuador Habano wrapper. Nashville is a spicy town – and this Monte stays true with flavors of sweet citrus, pepper, earth and wood plus some nice, creamy tastes around the edges. Equally pleasing to both the Montecristo and CH fanatics, as the Ciudad de Musica brings a little bit of both those cigar worlds to the table. Worth every penny.


Montecristo Nicaragua

Shop Montecristo Nicaragua cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

As you meet Montecristo Nicaragua, a spoiler is warranted: this is no beginner’s smoke. So if you’ve been waiting for a Montecristo that’s got some serious “juice” when compared to its fairer cousins, your Christmas goose came early. This new cigar is made in conjunction with AJ Fernandez – he’s checked the “Nicaragua” box on each part of the cigar, wrapper/binder/filler, which makes for a very full Monte.

A sweet and leathery pre-light gives way to a smoke that brims with earth, wood and peppery spice, balanced nicely against a distinct sweet tobacco taste – proving a Monte can keep pace and satisfy the more demanding tastes of those who smoke the heavy stuff. And priced right, especially by Montecristo standards.


Aging Room Pura Cepa

Shop Aging Room Pura Cepa cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

It’s Spanish for “pure bred”; so you see this new Aging Room cigar is going the puro route, and hits each and every one of Nicaragua’s growing regions. Rafael Nodal has again partnered with Plasencia to make it in Esteli, and the result is, according to our own Professor Gary Korb, finger-burningly delicious.

When you get the chance to smoke it, you’ll likely find flavors of wood, sweet spice, coffee and nuts, with a long and creamy finish – making Pura Cepa a nice complement to a heavily spiked egg nog. You can let the brandy or bourbon do the heavy lifting: this Aging Room is more medium in body than their other blends, making it more accessible to any and all of your holiday cigar smoking guests.


Got another suggestion for a good Christmas smoke, or another new cigar you’re excited about? Share it in a comment below…and watch for our next edition of Top New Cigars!

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