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#NowSmoking: Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua

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#NowSmoking: Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua Cigar Review (Video)


Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua – Cigar Details:

Factory: STG Danlí, Honduras
Size: (6” x 52) Toro
Strength: Full-Bodied
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Presented in boxes of 20 cigars

cigar advisor nowsmoking cigar review caldwell blind man's bluff nicaragua at famous smoke shop

The Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua Backstory

Doubling down on his signature old-timey themes, boutique blender, Robert Caldwell, has added a puro blend to this fourth installment of the Blind Man’s Bluff menu. According to Robert, his fans have been “…begging us for years to add a 100% Nica cigar to that lineup.” He was happy to oblige.

cigar advisor nowsmoking cigar review caldwell blind man's bluff nicaragua - setup shot of cigars in front of their box

Each stick is handmade in Honduras, a hot spot for strong tobaccos itself, with a local climate that’s exceptional for curing and aging richer tobaccos like those included in the blend.

Just don’t think that this all-Nicaraguan is going thermonuclear: Caldwell lists the Bluff Nicaragua as a medium-bodied smoke – great news for newer smokers, and even older smokers who wanna go big on taste without being knocked out by every cigar they smoke.

Let’s see how it burns!


The Basics at-a-Glance

Construction: A gorgeous redhead with some fine tooth, well-hidden seams, and a supple feel.
Cold Draw: Dark fruit and a pinch of spice.
Base flavors: Wood, toast, big layers of sweet tobacco, and a smooth, earthy finish. Coffee and warm spices later.
Aroma: Reminds me of roasted cashews.
Burn & Ash: No ash issues, burns straight.


Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua Cigar Review – Act I

cigar advisor nowsmoking cigar review caldwell blind man's bluff nicaragua - act 1

Burns beautifully from the start. Holds humidity perfectly with no soft spots, and the flavor out of the gate is just as advertised: medium-bodied, maybe a little north of there at the very beginning. I’m getting notes of toast and wood ahead of a finish that’s equal parts sweet and peppery. If you’ve smoked the original Blind Man’s Bluff, there are some parallels, though this cigar is decidedly earthier.


Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua Cigar Review – Act II

cigar advisor nowsmoking cigar review caldwell blind man's bluff nicaragua - act 2

At the midway point, Bluff Nicaragua has developed a coffee-like flavor in the foreground. It’s almost like coffee ice cream, especially in its smoothness. There’s still some action in the form of spice on the finish, especially through the nose, but even rookie smokers could likely handle this with almost no problems. If you’re new to the game and want to experience a Nicaraguan blend without any fallout, Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua will deliver.


Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua Cigar Review – Act III

cigar advisor nowsmoking cigar review caldwell blind man's bluff nicaragua - act 3

Drawing toward the nub, I’m finding that the cigar is at its creamiest yet. That extra room in the 52 ring gauge helps it burn cooler to my palate without taking away from what Nicaraguan tobacco should be. It’s like finding a diet drink that actually tastes like the original (if only I could). In summary, the complexity is there, though gentler than you’d expect from these tobaccos. Big cigar flavors don’t require big cigar strength and Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua is proof.


What beverage pairs well with Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua

cigar advisor nowsmoking cigar review caldwell blind man's bluff nicaragua - cigar leaning against whiskey glass and bottle of spirits

You have a lot more options with a blend like this. I might mix some rum with Dr. Pepper for some added bite, or keep it simple with a Jack and Coke. As long as what you’re drinking isn’t too powerful – or too sweet – you’ll be happy with a wide-range of selections.

For additional pairing combinations, check out our Cigar & Spirit pairing guide.


Are Blind Man’s Bluff Nicaragua Cigars Worth Smoking?

It’s under the $10 threshold. It’s a Nicaraguan puro, it’s big on flavor, but not on strength…what’s not to love, here? I liked the original Blind Man, but not so much with the Connecticut. Seeing their Nicaragua blend come full circle and deliver on virtually every count is a big win in my opinion. Try one and tell me in the comments if you agree!

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