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#NowSmoking: Caldwell Long Live the Queen

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#NowSmoking: Caldwell Long Live the Queen Cigar Review (Video)

Blend Details

Factory: El Maestro, Dominican Republic
Size: 6” x 50 (Queen’s Scepter)
Strength: Medium-plus/Full
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

Presented in boxes of 10 cigars.

cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen at famous smoke shop The Caldwell Long Live the Queen Backstory

Robert Caldwell does things differently.

In an industry packed with familiar names, faces, and stories, Caldwell bucked tradition and forged a tasty and divergent path. Entering the cigar business in 2008, he began what was basically a concierge service providing luxury cigars and accessories to high end restaurants and hotels. Later, he partnered with Christian Eiroa and formed Wynwood Cigars in Miami, Florida. It was under Christian’s tutelage that Caldwell began to learn the art of blending and manufacturing extraordinary premium cigars.

By 2014 Caldwell decided to go it alone. He had a vision and sought to create his own boutique cigar brand using only the best and most rare, aged, premium tobaccos specially sourced from around the world. But he’s not only known for his innovative blends—like Savages, Eastern Standard, and Blind Mans Bluff—the unique, eye-catching artwork and packaging also contribute to the Caldwell cigar mystique.

Today, I’m toasting Caldwell Long Live the Queen—the latest addition to his royal themed cigar lineup that includes Long Live the King, The King is Dead, and the Last Tsar (among others).

cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen toro  at famous smoke shop


The Basics

The Caldwell Long Live the Queen begins with the notoriously finicky Cameroon wrapper. Underneath sits an Indonesian Sumatra binder and a core of premium Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers.

The cigar appears high class in every way. The wrapper is a perfect shade of bronze and practically glistens with oil. And remember the bit about the artwork accompanying Caldwell cigars? Long Live the Queen’s box and band are striking in their elegance.


cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen box at famous smoke shop
Long Live the Queen looks the part of a luxury cigar.


Caldwell Long Live the Queen Review

cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen first section at famous smoke shop
Long Live the Queen was delicious from first light.

It only took a couple of pulls on Long Live the Queen for me. At less than an inch smoked, I could tell already this was a barn-burner blend that needed to be savored. Not overly strong right out of the gates, there were notes of graham cracker, black pepper, and espresso by way of an appetizer. Close behind came cedar, dark chocolate, and a sweet and tangy citrus. Complex, balanced, rich, and creamy, Long Live the Queen closes the first section hovering a tick over medium-bodied.

cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen second section at famous smoke shop
Rich and tasty – so far, so good.

Peanuts, cinnamon, and non-distinct berries come out to play in the midsection of Long Live the Queen. Complexity and depth are riding high, while construction behaves, and the char line is spot on. All the flavors have come out to play as I’m making my way through and then things take a pleasant turn. It seems like an entire baking cabinet of spice and pepper weave their way into the blend. They’re not uninvited guests either and only add to the overall ‘wow’ factor present in the blend. As Long Live the Queen transitions from midsection to the end portion, it’s closer to medium to full bodied.

cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen final section at famous smoke shop
Good down to the last ash.

With a laundry list of flavors present throughout the first sections of Long Live the Queen, a question remained. What else could this cigar have in store? And this is where a deft blending touch comes into play. Rather than heaping on more and more just for the sake of it—Long Live the Queen sort of goes into a renewal mode in that the greatest hits from the first portions are revisited here.

cigar advisor nowsmoking 4-12-23 caldwell long live the queen available  at famous smoke shop
Looks to kill and flavor to spare.

Are Caldwell Long Live the Queen worth buying?

For existing Caldwell fans, and boutique hunters—get your hands on Long Live the Queen if you haven’t already.

Now, if there were a 10 Cigar Commandments (like the Notorious B.I.G. song of a similar title), rule numero uno would be don’t only smoke those cigars you know. So, I want to speak to those cigar smokers who tend to stick to heritage brands, or those that turn their noses at the mention of boutique cigars. Do yourself a favor and give Caldwell Long Live the Queen a try. You might hate the fact that you love it. And you’ll find that after smoking one you’re going to want another.

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