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#nowsmoking: Camacho Liberty Series 2020

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#nowsmoking: Camacho Liberty Series 2020 Cigar Review 

#nowsmokingCamacho Liberty Series Cigar Review – 2020 Edition

Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras, S.A. 
Strength: Medium-plus 
Ring Gauge: 6″ x 60 box-pressed 
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano 
Binder: Honduras Original Corojo 
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras 
Production: Limited Edition – 2,550 boxes of 20 cigars 
Price: $20.00/cigar (MSRP) 

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty 2020 cigar review at Famous Smoke Shop

 What’s the cigar’s back story. . 

Camacho’s Liberty Series is among the longest-running, annual, limited editions in the premium cigar biz , making this year’s Liberty 2020 installment the 19th in its 20year historyThe original Camacho Liberty was released in July 2002. It was a Honduran puro made in fivshapes instead of the more common single sizes, practically all of which since have been rolled in the 11/18 shape, which measures 6″ x 48/54/48 

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty 2020 cigar review box of cigars

The Liberty Series 2020 breaks with past releases in several ways. Not only does it jettison the 11/18 “pregnant robusto” shapeit’s a box-pressed 6×60 Gordo. Additionally, the blend is not a “Throwback” to an earlier blend, as they’ve done the past two years. The Liberty 2020 is a three-nation blend built on four different Honduran-grown, Original Corojo plant primings Those tobaccos have been sourced from a single farm and aged for four years prior to rolling.  

According to the company, “This distinct blend truly showcases the versatility and multitude of flavors that can be achieved when utilizing this incredible varietal. 

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty 2020 Cigar Review by Gary Korb
#NowSmoking @famoussmokeshop: The Camacho Liberty 2020 is the series’ first box-pressed shape offering medium-plus strength and flavors of earth, cedar, roasted nuts, and some subtle sweetness. 

How well is the cigar made?  

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty cigar review 2

It’s handsome as it gets. Presented in all-American themed boxes of 20 individual coffins, the Liberty 2020 reveals a box pressing that’s more rectangular than square. The Ecuador Habano wrapper is seamlessly stretched to a vein-free, buttery patina with an even almond butter color, and sealed with a triple seam cap. A slight glint of red in the wrapper told me it could be Habano Rosado, but, either way, it’s a beautiful leaf. The cigar’s edges aren’t razor sharp, but its flatter shape makes this 60-ringer much more comfortable. Once clipped the draw was just right as the cold draw tasted slightly salty and woody. 

How does the cigar smoke?  

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty cigar review 1

Upon lighting, the initial notes for me were salty, woody, and a little mellow, whereas John and Jared found a slight mineral taste. The Liberty 2020 offered a healthy amount of smoke that was both medium in body and strength. Earthiness seemed to dominate in the early stages, plus the cigar burned well exposing a relatively firm ash. There was some pepper in the mix, but it was more prevalent in the retrohale. By the midsection some additional sweetness broke through the earthier elementsFor John, retrohaling during the third act revealed more active flavors, including more pepper.   

What is the cigar’s flavor profile?  

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty cigar review 3

Medium in body, while medium-plus in strength with good balance. A keystone of earthiness unites flavors of light salt, cedar, mineral notes, and random clusters of sweet spice. 

What drink can I pair with this cigar besides coffee?  

#nowsmoking Camacho Liberty 2020 cigar review cigar and drink pairingI went for a Stewart’s Cream Soda for the first third, mostly out of curiosity, which turned out to be pretty good. It’s just a little too sweet, however. I also paired Woodford Reserve with this one, and that workedtoo. John said an Old Fashioned or Mojito would suffice as a mixed drink match-up. Jared suggested a wine like a dry Riesling. So, the Camacho Liberty appears to be quite flexible in this regard. 

(Find more cigar and drink pairing combinations here.) 

Should I buy this cigar?  

Yes, especially if you’re a Camacho fan and/or a collector of the Liberty Series. However, if you’re seeking Camacho’s reputed bold, “Live Loud” fare, the Liberty 2020 falls a bit shy of that profile. Cigar smokers with a bent for medium-bodied profiles may find it more to their taste, which may also provide a bigger consumer base for it, too.  


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