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#nowsmoking: Herrera Esteli Miami Robusto Grande

#nowsmoking: Herrera Esteli Miami Cigar Review – Robusto Grande

Factory:  El Titan de Bronze – Miami, FL
Size: 5″ x 52
Strength: Full
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Oscuro
Binder: Ecuador Sumatra
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

nowsmoking herrera esteli miami cigar review robusto grande at Famous Smoke Shop
Construction: First-rate. Solidly-built with a perfectly-applied triple seam cap that lopped-off in a perfect circle. The dark chocolate color of the wrapper was even throughout, with some very fine black veins, and slightly toothy to the touch. Aesthetic-wise, I like the new black & gold band over the original red. It’s more subdued, yet still easily catches the eye.
Dominant Flavors: Earth, wood, sweet tobacco, peppery spice.
Balance: Perfect.

Where it’s at: Starting with the cold draw, the Herrera Estelí Miami Robusto Grande had a very unique flavor, which I liked. I faintly remember it being a combination of vegetal & mineral; however, it was just out of reach in terms of putting a precise name to it.


Once lit, the cigar issued a wallop of black pepper. Now, at somewhere between nine and ten AM, about the time I lit it up for the video, that’s a wake-up call. Pepper continued for about the first half-inch, then segued to a very creamy smoke with a mostly earthy-spicy profile. Once I was well into the first third, the smoke rounded-out even further as notes of wood (more oaky than cedary), saddled-up and retained earthy, woody, and spicy flavors.


The gears shifted again. Sweet tobacco notes entered the mix placing themselves between the earth and wood flavors. Come to think of it, this cigar seems to be built like a sandwich, as each layer of flavor piles on top of the one before it – and they’re all well-defined. An earlier retrohale offered a fair amount of pepper through the nose, yet, at this juncture it was barely noticeable. For now, I had reached the so-called, “sweet spot,” where everything was chugging along, not to mention tons of dense, chewy smoke.

nowsmoking herrera esteli miami cigar review robusto grande by Gary Korb
#nowsmoking @famoussmokeshop: The Herrera Estelí Miami Robusto Grande offers a chewy, full-bodied treat with an open draw that reveals creamy notes of earth, wood, sweet tobacco, and peppery spice.


If you watched the video, I switched-up between coffee and water. The latter helped revive some of the lost sweetness in this segment, while the earth, wood, and spice became more dominant. A retrohale also reprised the pepper from ACT I. As per usual, waiting longer between puffs helped keep everything in check, and even in the last inch, the smoke remained creamy, balanced, and savory.

Suffice it to say. . . another first-rate job by Willy Herrera and the rolling team at El Titan de Bronze. The Herrera Estelí Miami Robusto Grande is a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar in which the complexity comes not so much from the number of flavors, but from the nice change-ups along the way. The balance is spot-on throughout, and I can’t say enough about the volume and creaminess of the smoke, which is completely off-the-hook. Fans of the brand, as well as cigar smokers with some broader experience who like bolder blends will most likely crave this box-worthy opus. Try pairing it with a sweeter bourbon or dark Añejo rum after dinner.


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