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#nowsmoking: Los Statos Deluxe

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#NowSmoking: Los Statos Deluxe Cigar Review (Video)


Los Statos Deluxe – Cigar Details

Factory: HATSA,  Honduras
Size: (6”x 60) Gordo
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic

Presented in boxes of 20 cigars

cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar review image of Matt Booth Los Statos Deluxe cigar for sale at famous smoke shop

Los Statos Deluxe Backstory

Los Statos was a pre-revolution Cuban cigar brand that was re-blended for the American market and released stateside in the 1980’s. Unfortunately, the US iteration of the cigar failed to make waves and—like so many older cigar brands—was soon forgotten. Until now.

cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar review Los Statos Deluxe - setup shot of cigars with drink in background

When Matt Booth, of Room 101 cigars, joined STG (Scandinavian Tobacco Group), the first project he went to work on was reimagining the Los Statos. Giving the brand a fresh, sleek design and dressing the revamped blend in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic long fillers, Los Statos Deluxe is set to make its mark.

Cigar Advisor #nowsmoking cigar review Los Statos Deluxe cigars in paper wrapper sleeve

Now, let’s find out what the Los Statos Deluxe Gigante has in store in its opening act.


The Basics

Construction: Wrapper had a few visible seams, was toothy, and rustic in appearance.
Cold Draw: Black pepper, earth, and cedar.
Base flavors: Black pepper, coffee, earth.
Aroma: Sweet.
Burn & Ash: No issues.


Los Statos Deluxe Review – Part 1

The Los Statos Deluxe Gigante begins with subtle—but noticeable—notes of black pepper and light cedar. Dry earth comes into play before too long bringing flavors of French Pressed coffee and  dark chocolate along for the ride.  

Cigar Advisor #nowsmoking Cigar Review Los Statos Deluxe part 1 - smoking the cigar, resting on rock ashtray

The Los Statos Deluxe begins medium in body and strength while the flavors are balanced and leave me wanting even more.

Let’s see how it plays out in the second act.


Los Statos Deluxe Review – Part 2

Coming up to the halfway point of the Los Statos Gigante, the black pepper and earth take a back seat to flavors of richly roasted coffee and dark chocolate. New notes of caramel-like sweetness and nutmeg emerge and add depth to the range of flavors.

Cigar Advisor #nowsmoking cigar review part 2 cigar resting on table with cigar lighter and whiskey

Construction has been flawless so far as the strength and body stays in medium territory. My experience with Los Statos Deluxe is enjoyably smooth and effortless at this point.

Let’s see how it wraps up in the final act.


Los Statos Deluxe Review – Part 3

In the final third, the Los Statos Deluxe offers more of the same—and I mean that in a good way. The flavors remain vibrant and balanced while the strength and body never get too aggressive.

Cigar Advisor #nowsmoking cigar review Los Statos Deluxe review part 3 cigar on stone ashtray

Even as the cigar reached the last couple inches, the profile remained entertaining and didn’t disappoint.


What beverage pairs well with Los Statos Deluxe cigars?

Think a hearty American whiskey—like Jack Daniel’s or George Dickel. Enjoy a healthy pour either neat or on the rocks with the Los Statos Deluxe.

Cigar Advisor #nowsmoking Cigar Review Los Statos Delux cigar and drink pairing - image of cigars, cigar box, rye bourbon

For non-alcoholic options old standbys like coffee, Dr. Pepper, or water certainly pair nicely.

For additional pairing combinations, check out our Cigar & Spirit pairing guide.


Are Los Statos Deluxe cigars worth smoking?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Los Statos Deluxe Gigante having no experience with its other versions. So, I went into this review with no expectations—and sometimes, as in life, those turn out to be the best kinds of encounters.

Cigar advisor #nowsmoking cigar review Los Statos Deluxe cigar on table in wrapper with box, dog laying on the couch in the background

What I found with Los Statos Deluxe was a reasonably priced, well-made, tasty, medium-bodied cigar that I could see enjoying any time of day. It was punchy without being belligerent, smooth without being delicate, and a cigar that I’d recommend to both experienced and new enthusiasts alike.

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1 month ago

Sounds like a very interesting smoke, unsure if I will try since I really do not enjoy a ring size that large.

Jared Gulick
1 month ago
Reply to  Howard

Hey Howard, thanks as always for reading! There are smaller ring gauges available if you’re interested. Have an awesome day!

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