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Updated September 1, 2023

Hours in extreme temperatures. Weeks without any of the amenities one enjoys when at home. Months – even years – away from loved ones. This is the life of active duty soldiers in the United States Military. Yet every day without complaint, our brave men and women put their everything into where their orders and duties take them. To recognize their sacrifices, and in our own special way, say “Thank You” for their commitment to our country – Famous Smoke Shop honors our troops, and notes the common bond we share: cigars.

Cigar For Warriors

See military support in action:

In alliance with , we’re supporting our military the best way we know how… by providing our servicemen & women something special to enjoy during the few moments they have to relax: a good cigar. Everyone we talk to who serves, or has served in the past, has said that without a good cigar, they would not have been able to enjoy a well-deserved moment of downtime. It’s a little taste of home for our soldiers – a good cigar at the end of a day, together with a chance to unwind while working hard while away from family and friends, brings comfort to places so far away. We at Famous Smoke Shop are grateful for their service – and are more than happy to help ease to what is very demanding duty, through our partnership with Cigars for Warriors.CATS Cigars for Warriors CATS Fest

Famous Smoke Shop has taken up Op: CFW’s mission by contributing thousands of cigars for troops’ care packages heading overseas. And Cigars for Warriors is the amazing network of volunteers working to help make that relaxing moment happen, providing those cigars to our soldiers. Soaring requests for premium smokes prove that the giving of such a small item, a single cigar, makes a huge impact on their well-being – and they’re incredibly thankful for it. We’re proud to support our military with this humble taste of home – and encourage you to join our work with Op: CFW, standing by our warfighters with a means to relax while they serve and protect our country.

cigars for warriors
Operation Cigars for Warriors provides cigars for the brave men and women serving our country.

Southern Draw Cigar Company Supports the Military and Beyond

Another huge supporter of US Troops is cigar manufacturer Southern Draw. Through The IGNITE Program, this boutique brand demonstrates its creative ability to bring hope, boost morale, and provide charity to those in need.

Through collaborative efforts with willing partners, the IGNITE program accomplishes its mission of supporting charitable initiatives that are mutually agreed upon. The program’s primary goal is to extend a helping hand to military personnel, including active duty soldiers, deployed troops, veterans, and their loved ones who make tremendous sacrifices in service to our nation. extends to our communities’ needy, homeless, and hungry, many of whom are also U.S. military veterans.

Teaming up with the distinguished Warriors on the Fly, a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, and the United States Border Patrol Fallen Officers Scholarship Fund, the ongoing campaign has resulted in the launch of exclusive cigars. These exquisite cigars are now available in the IGNITE DRAWpak samplers, specifically crafted for this collaboration to support the noble missions of both organizations.

Southern Draw IGNITE Cigars

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