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Operation: Cigars For Warriors – Thank You Letters Received from our Warriors Abroad

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The New Year has come and gone – and the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces continue to put their everything into where their orders and duties take them. This month, the Editors at Cigar Advisor wanted to not only honor our troops and the commitment they’ve made to our country, but to publish some of the “thank you” letters they’ve sent home to Operation: Cigars for Warriors.

If you haven’t heard of Op:CFW yet, these are the people who help to provide our men & women in uniform something special to enjoy during the few moments they have to relax: a good cigar.

That smoke allows each of them a well-deserved moment of rest, so far away from home – and it’s why many of you who, like us, have donated cigars to help bring a little bit of relief to what is very demanding duty.

Storm Boen is Cigars for Warriors’ co-founder. Doing the work, he says, “is our way to honor, show respect and thank those putting it all on the line for us back home.”

Storm was eager to share a few of the kind words our soldiers have sent along, in order to relay to the rest of us how much it means to our folks overseas: “Having received requests from many soldiers who have no one here in the U.S. to send care packages to them, they might otherwise receive nothing. Every warrior matters, so does every cigar. I know first-hand how much that a package from home containing items that most of us take for granted can mean.”

CFW Brothers and Sisters,

My morning started off with the regular annoying problems of deployment. The afternoon was spent with soldiers enjoying a cigar, laughing and feeling a little bit better about being away from home for the holidays. Thank you Ben Edmundson and CFW for all your hard work making our lives so much better out here.

God Bless You,

Capt Temple



Cesar Saenz wrote…

I received my box of cigars today!…Very good selections!….Thank you so very much!…I will post pictures soon as possible. We have a cigar night planned for this coming Friday 12/20/13.


Earl Walker McCoy wrote…

Enjoying my last cigar in the desert for what is hopefully a very long time.

Big thanks to Cigars For Warriors!


Jerod Frizzell wrote…

Just received my shipment of cigars. So much thanks from the team here. Just in time for our Christmas celebration next week and of course New Years. Such a great selection of premium cigars. So grateful. Will post pictures when possible.


Noah Vaughan wrote…

I got my Cigars for Warriors package in last week, I couldn’t believe not only the amount of cigars but the quality of many of them! I’ve started taking a few of them with me when I make my rounds around on Battlefield Circulation visits, here are a couple of pictures of me enjoying a stogie with some of my guys. Thanks for all you do! I can’t wait to get home so I can start pestering my local shops to support you


Thanks a bunch for the shipment of cigars!!!! We have been fighting the good fight, and were just about flat-lining with spirits when the box arrived. I previously mentioned to the team of cigar indulgers that a box was on its way, and instantly when it arrived spirits skyrocketed. We rallied up most of the personnel that were available and not on mission to enjoy together. Those that could not make the actually “cigar-fest” dropped by the office to grab one for enjoyment.
I mentioned to the mass group that your “Cigar for Warriors” team supplied the cigars to us, and also stated that the supply was a donation from multiple cigar vendors. WE have a package of photos to send, but this email will only have the few that could fit space wise. If you would like more, I can certainly send additional.
The team truly appreciated the gesture of the cigars and having the time to place our minds on laughing, joking and talking all while enjoy the great cigars.

Thanks again.
710th Brigade Support Battalion
3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Infantry Division


Mario A. Bencivenga wrote…

Thank you Cigars for Warriors from Camp Leatherneck Medical Complex, Helmand Province, AFG. Although it looks like it’s snowing, that’s not the case. We smoke cigars, play cards and light a fire every Thursday night. Thanks for making our time here more enjoyable.


Wayne Morgan wrote…

Thanks been home for a few days now and I’m now realizing that finding the premium cigars that were sent to my team and I are very hard to find. Everyone from CFW thanks for making our deployment that much better and happy holidays to all your staff and volunteers!


An Anonymous Thank You… 
Tonight we received the cigars and went out as a group and had a great hour and a half together with the enjoyment of the cigars you provided. We thank you for the support as we were able to top off a 15-hour day with this down time. Thank you again from Kandahar, Afghanistan!


Ricky Lockner wrote…

Just want to let y’all know that my Unit has received donations from you guys. It is nice to be able to sit outside and puff one with the guys and let the day’s problems blow away with the smoke. Thank you for all you guys do!!


Another Anonymous Thank You…
I just wanted to thank you for the donation! Pictured is some fine mentorship and professional development made possible from your donation. I thank you and many fine Soldiers, almost 40, across this deployed area are enjoying some camaraderie thanks to you!


Pedro M Alvarado wrote…

We the Soldiers of 349th QM send greetings and thank you for the Cigar donation to our Company Cigar group here in Afghanistan. We really appreciate your gesture and the good cigar selection. Thank you very much and happy Holidays!!!

Cigars are one of the main ways we connect and slow down at the end of the day. Our unit works mainly in Intelligence and is at a constant high pace, high stress, day in and day out. When we got here, I inherited our humidor, which had been passed down from the past two units before us. I have kept it stocked as much as I can, but our group is always growing. I don’t mind in the least handing out cigars, just to see everyone smile at the end of the day regardless of the mayhem that day has brought. I’m just asking for a little help in doing so. Thanks for everything and thanks for helping other soldiers like us.


Rich Blackstone wrote…

My time is drawing near for me to rotate home. It’s been a long year here in Kabul but lots of memories. Thank you Cigars for Warriors for bringing a little bit of peace to my daily routine.


Brian Seol Sr. wrote…

Thanks for the great cigars!


Amanda Fox wrote…

My first package here in Afghanistan was from this organization! Thank you so much for your support!! I will send you photos as soon as we get some time to enjoy them! This surely brightened up my evening.


Chris Miller wrote…

Thanks again all who donated to our break time!



Steven Ammer wrote…

We had a birthday / farewell party last night. Cigars were enjoyed by most in attendance. Thanks for the support, and stay smoky from the Marines of II MEF. Couldn’t have been done if not for the generosity of Cigars For Warriors!

A note from Storm:

Just as a point of clarification, regarding the letters we receive…Op: Cigars For Warriors gets many notes from people who wish to remain anonymous – so we felt it would be a good idea for the public to understand why. Photos sometimes have the faces altered, or the thank you is signed, “Anonymous Thank You” because some of our troops – our WARRIORS – can’t, because of security restrictions, reveal their names, locations or even faces. They still want to show their gratitude, but our Warriors have to get creative with their photos and notes so that you can’t see who they are or get a location fix on them. As always here at Op: CFW, we want to thank the public for their donations to our men and women in harm’s way…cigars are their #1 Requested Item, and we are honored to send them these MUCH deserved thank you’s for all they do, with your help. Of course, a big patriotic Salute to Cigar Advisor for their beautiful coverage of Op: Cigars For Warriors. And more great news: Op: CFW is also VERY proud to announce that after almost two years of waiting, we are an officially approved 501 (c) 3 Federal Charity!

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Storm Boen

Storm Boen

Storm is a graduate of N.M.M.I. and T.T.U., as well as US Army SFC (ret. 2012). Owner of Facebook's C.A.T.S. cigar group, Boen has a great love for the troops - and now that he can not continue to serve, helps in his way, through Operation: Cigars For Warriors, with some amazing folks who have such tremendous love for our soldiers. " "I have a great love for cigars and these wonderful people," " he says. " "It is truly more a pleasure than work, working with these folks and providing a beautiful service to our troops, who are willing to put everything on the line for all of us." " Storm has held positions on the Advisory Council on Ethics for state of Texas and been involved in multiple charity organizations over the years, including: feeding the homeless in San Antonio, Special Olympics and Bukner’s Children’s Home.

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