Over-Humidified Cigars!

As a cigar smoker, I have one main concern (which everyone really has), which is making sure my cigars are properly humidified. Sometimes it takes a lot more than to just charge you humidifier and throw your cigars in you humidor. In fact, maintaining a proper humidity can be quite difficult, especially when the seasons start to change. When summer comes the air gets more humid and can increase the humidity in your humidor. During winter, its low to almost bone dry conditions and can significantly decrease the humidity in your humidor. Since we are entering into summer and a higher humidity, I want to cover what you should do if your cigars get over humidified.

There are really two things you can do to decrease the humidity in your cigars/humidor, the first one being just open your humidor for an hour or two. I mean, it kind of makes sense if you think about it. If you have a humidor that has too much humidity, if you open it, the humidity will decrease. Once you close the lid, the humidity will regulate to a decreased level. The good thing about doing this is if too much humidity escapes, you can always add more by using a humidity pack or re-seasoning. The down side to doing this, however, is it is sort of a shock to your cigars. Humidity makes your cigars swell and when you change from a very humid environment to a significantly decreased humidity, the outer part of the cigar will lose humidity first and tighten up around an over-humidified and swollen center, which can cause your cigar to crack. If you do decide to open your humidor and let your cigars sit out, make sure the humidity is not so drastic that your cigars get damaged.

The safer way to decrease the humidity in your humidor is to simply put some cedar strips in with your cigars. Cedar is used in humidors because it retains moisture very well, so why not benefit from this natural property  by adding dry cedar to soak up excess humidity gradually over the course of a day or so? Just make sure the cedar that you use is clean. Just like the water you use must be distilled to ensure it is free of spores that can cause mold, the cedar you put in must also be clean for the very same reason. Once the humidity in your humidor is at your desired level, simply remove the cedar and enjoy a summer full of smokes.

The best way to take care of over-humidified cigars though, is taking simple preventative measures to make sure your humidity does not reach above 75% at the MOST. Anything over that and your cigars will run a risk of becoming over-humidified or growing mold in your humidor. By properly maintaining your humidor, you will  prevent having to take these extra steps to recover over-humidified cigars.