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Perdomo Habano Robusto

Perdomo Habano Corojo Robusto Cigar

Score: 9.0

By Hayward Tenney

To look at the Perdomo Habano Robusto is to see near-perfection in a handmade cigar. The bands are tastefully ornate, and though they take up a lot of real estate, aren’t distracting. The smooth, milk-chocolate hued Corojo wrapper seamlessly winds around a core of firmly-packed Nicaraguan fillers and binder. There are no soft spots, leaf imperfections, and no prominent veins to speak of: in short, beautiful.

I will say that it’s more like 4.5″ than the 5″ advertised in Perdomo’s site and the rest of the internet. At a 52 ring, there was a nice heft, and it felt good on my hand. The pre-light revealed rich tobacco flavor with bold, lip-tingling black pepper flavors. I knew immediately I was in for a full-bodied treat.

The cigar toasted and lit nicely with a medium draw producing thick, flavorful smoke. When passed through my sinuses, I was blasted with pepper. After about a half inch, the smoke had rounded out with well-aged flavors of wood and some spice, leather on the nose, and a little sweetness on a short-medium finish. The ash was light grey with an oddly uniform texture – no “stack of quarters” effect here. It held for about an inch before falling off, so while it looks nice, it won’t win you any long-ash contests.

The burn was mostly even, showing an occasional, self-correcting variance of 1/8″. Given the large ring, the smoke was abundantly thick and cool. I did notice that I needed to keep tabs on the cigar to ensure it remained lit.

Halfway through, the cigar mellowed considerably to produce more sweetness and less pepper. I also noted more pronounced flavors of spice, and more nicotine.

After an hour, I nubbed this cigar, which was the first bitterness encountered. All in all, this cigar impressed me. Our customers feel the same way, rating it 9.1 at Reasonably priced for a box of 20, this is a value up there with the very best.

Appearance: 9
Construction: 10
Burn: 8
Draw: 9
Aroma: 9
Flavor: 9
Final Score: 9.0

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