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Saliva contains two types of secretions, one is a digestive enzyme called salivary amylase (or ptyalin) and the other is a secretion containing the lubricating fluid, mucin. There are many functions of saliva besides lubricating the mouth and helping to pre-digest food. Saliva helps to remove debris from the oral cavity, regulates the acid-base balance in the mouth and maintains the general health of the oral mucosa. Saliva also possesses antimicrobial and immune system functions.

That said, it is still unclear why tobacco has different effects on different people. It is likely that it is purely due to individual differences in a person's ability to tolerate the components of cigar tobacco. It has been long noted that smoking increases the salivary response in new smokers. The mucous membranes are not accustomed to the components in cigar smoke and overreact. Over time, people develop tolerance to the tobacco constituents and salivary secretion is reduced as a smoker becomes more accustomed to smoking cigars. So, it appears likely that newbie cigar smokers will notice heavy saliva buildup.

Another consideration is the time that the tobacco is in contact with the salivary secreting membranes. The longer a cigar smoker keeps a cigar in their mouth, it will likely increase the flow of saliva.

In any case, supercharged spit should not worry you. It is likely a temporary condition that will vary with the type of cigar smoked and the time that you have been smoking.

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