Smoked Cuban Cigar Fouls Humidor

Q: My son gave me a nice surprise for Christmas. He went scuba diving in the Dominican Republic and bought me a 10 count box of Cuban Romeo Belicosos. Unfortunately, he couldn’t resist trying one and placed a half-smoked cigar back in the humidor. (OUCH!) The other cigars do not have cellophane on them, so when I opened the box, it smelled like a dirty ashtray. The cigars are also quite dry. I’m sorry to say he’s not educated regarding the proper handling of cigars.

What might you suggest to air out the rest of the cigars and restore some humidity without them tainting the other cigars in my humidor? I did try one, and despite everything I said, it was pretty good. However, I think they could be a lot better.
– Peter O. in Clayville, NY

A: Oh boy. I would keep your remaining cigars in a Spanish cedar cigar box with a small humidifier. Keep them there until the cigars begin to re-humidify and smell more like cedar than ash. You may have to just keep them that way until you 1) either smoke through the whole box, or 2) they smell fresh enough to place back in your main humi.