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Four More Great Cigar Questions: Answered by the Cigar Advisors (Pt. IV)

Four More Cigar Questions Answered…

So here we are...sharing cigars, sharing cigar ideas, and tackling another series of queries in an effort to solve the world’s stogie challenges together. Smokers of all experience levels have written us again, or bumped into us in stores, looking for info to help them answer one of the fundamental cigar questions: what can I do to get more enjoyment out of my cigar?  This everlasting hunt for knowledge has, most recently, led us to discuss freezing cigars, humidor capacity, cigar storage and better smoking. And for this installment of Fan Mail, more cigar questions have bubbled to the surface from cigar smokers who want to know how to fix tight cigars, learn about filler tobaccos, know how to cut special cigars properly and even some tips on figuring out why a cigar will smoke bitter. Check out our short n’ sweet video replies to these most recent questions, as posed to us by Advisor readers…maybe they’ll help you, too.

Cigar Question #1: Why does my cigar taste bitter?

I bumped into my friend James a few weeks ago inside the humidor, as he was on the hunt for an everyday cigar he could love again...turns out, his daily smoker turned its back on him and became bitter and harsh to his taste buds. This is one of the most often-asked cigar questions out there - and there are 4 primary reasons (that I could think of) that would cause a cigar to be bitter and unenjoyable. The good news is, if this is happening to you, it may not be your fault at all. See my 4 diagnoses, and figure out your bitter cigar, with the info in this short video...

~ John Pullo

Cigar Question #2: What's the difference between long filler & short filler?

Jack in Wyoming emailed in to us this past week and wanted to know the difference between short filler and long filler cigars. If you’re not a cigar guru, you might think cigars that will keep you full for a short time or a long time if you eat them, but that’s a pretty direct way to rocket down the hurl highway. No Bueno. Watch as I explain what the difference is between these two vastly different cigars, and throw in the ever elusive medium filler cigar. Watch this and more, right here.

~ Jonathan Detore

Cigar Question #3: How do I use a draw poker?

I got a great question from Felipe in Atlanta, who wants to know if it’s a good idea to use a draw poker on a plugged cigar. Well, yeah - not only can it be a very effective way to save a stick that rolled too tight, it may actually save you some scratch in the long long as you use it the right way. There's a trick to it, and I’m going to show you how to use a draw poker properly in this quick video.

~ Tommy Zman

Cigar Question #4: How do I cut odd shaped cigars?

I recently received an email with the following question from a Robert Schweitzer in San Antonio, TX who asks: "What’s the best way to cut torpedoes, big giant ring gauges, and box-pressed cigars?" Much the same as you would most ordinary shaped cigars, actually. And as such, there are several ways to do so. I gathered up a handful of cigars that included a couple of torpedoes, box-pressed cigars, and a 70-ringer. To demonstrate the cuts I like to use on these shapes, I used 3 different XIKAR cutters; watch and see how these operations turned out...

~ Gary Korb

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