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Storing Cigars in Tubes

The almighty cigar tube! Oh how we underestimate ye. Whether made from skillfully crafted aluminum or a thinly patched together tube from a recently purchased “en tubo” cigar now used to transport your cigars, you are a thing of sheer genius. It doesn’t matter if it has a few dents in it. After all, that’s its job, right? It’s supposed to take a beating beyond belief while keeping your cigar safe and fresh. Yet today, a lot of people think of the cigar tube as something unimportant or vital. In fact, many accessories are starting to fall by the wayside such as the cigar poker, the V-cutter, and the almighty cigar tube. Sure, go ahead and sully the cigar poker if you wish. After all, it’s hardly used anyway even though it can be wildly useful; and the V-cutter is another hardly used item though it is more practical than a straight cut in certain situations. But never underestimate the benefit you can gain just from the cigar tube. In this post we’ll talk about storing cigars in tubes.

Okay, so it may seem I’m taking my love affair for storing cigars in tubes a little too far, but in all fairness, it has more uses than you actually think. Many come with hidden tricks and design details to make your smoking experience on the run so much more enjoyable. But for those of us who don’t have the fanciest of cigar tubes, I’m going to break down exactly why these devices are so useful, starting of course with the simple benefit of protecting your cigar. Nothing is better for keeping your cigar safe than the perfect tube. The only thing you have to worry about is picking the right tube for your cigar. Most tubes can only fit up to a Toro sized cigar with a ring size no bigger than 54, so if you’re a fan of Churchills, make sure you find a tube that can fit that size.

Okay, so I know you probably got bored reading the last paragraph and to be honest, I got bored writing it, but for the sake of covering every angle of the cigar tube, I had to include it. Here’s a tip though that I bet you didn’t think of when it comes to keeping a cigar tube around for the home: use it to acclimate your cigars to an environment. As a rule of thumb, when taking a cigar from your room-temperature humidor to a hotter or colder environment, always make sure you rest your cigar in the environment you are going to smoke in. This way the cigar adjusts accordingly so it does not cause burn issues or cracking from rapid expansion and contraction.

So now you’re asking me what a cigar tube has to do with this process. Stop being impatient! A reader named TJ brought to light a way in which he uses his cigar tube in hot/humid areas such as the South-East and South West to help acclimate his cigars. He would always let the cigars rest, but humidity always took a death grip to his cigars which would just cause burn issues. Being the genius he is, he put his cigar in his cigar tube and left it outside where he was going to smoke. The cigar tube effectively allowed the cigar to adjust to the outside temperatures, but kept all the humidity out. When he went to light his cigar, it burned straight as a razor and retained a humidity level as if it was just taken out of the humidor. TJ, thank you for bringing this tip to our attention as this is an awesome way to use an accessory in an unconventional way to benefit everyone’s enjoyment of cigars.

You never know what accessories you can “hack” to help a smoker enjoy his cigar experience. Cigar tubes are no different. Many see the cigar tube as just something to carry cigars in, but with a little ingenuity and a little know-how, you can use your cigar tube in different ways to improve the quality of your smoke.

Jonathan DeTore

Jonathan DeTore

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