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2015 CA Report: Top 8 Sweet Tipped Cigars

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: These 8 Sweet Tipped Cigars Will Do the Job

By: Jonathan Detore

Well, it’s happened. I broke my New Year’s Resolution of eating healthy by having a cookie. Of course I broke this sacred agreement to myself at 12:00.01 on January 1st, 2015. But I feel bad about it nonetheless. We can all afford to lose a few pounds for the sake of wooden framed beds everywhere, but it’s hard with all the sumptuous desserts I can’t seem to stop buying. Anyone that’s ever had Baklava knows what I’m talking about. But I’ve found a solution that will help me keep the weight off while still satisfying my sweet tooth: Premium, hand rolled, sweet tipped cigars.

Now it seems these sweet seeking missiles have gotten a bad wrap from many hardcore cigar smokers due to the gas station sweeties you can get for a buck a stick. But you have to keep in mind a gas station sugar snack is far different than a premium cigar with a mildly sweetened cap. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that of the thousands of cigar brands and subsequent shapes and sizes offered, three cigars on this list are among the most-sold smokes in America, year after year. So here are 8 top sweet tipped cigars you need to try.


baccarat sweet tipped cigars

Baccarat Rothschild

Remember that most-sold list I was talking about? Well, this is one of ’em – Baccarat is among the best selling cigars from coast to coast, with fans grabbing boxes  at a time. What a lot of people may not realize about this gem is that it’s made by the esteemed Davidoff Cigar company, which if you don’t know is one of the pillars of the modern cigar industry. So really what you get is Davidoff quality with a sweetened cap at an everyday low price. How can you say no to that?

isla del sol sweet tipped cigars

Isla Del Sol

Made by Drew Estate, who also make ACID cigars the perfectors of imbued cigars, Isla Del Sol makes the list for its unreal flavor and versatility. Sure, they have the sweet cap that qualifies this stogie to make the list, but it offers so much more. Not only do they offer a bit of extra sweetness, but they’re imbued with premium coffee beans to add a little java to your day for a quick pick–me-up. That makes this perfect for an early morning wake-up smoke, a mid-day pick-me-up, or a caffeine-free alternative in the evening for a perfect nightcap.

maroma sweet tipped cigars

Maroma Dulce

Many people may not have heard about the Maroma Dulce, but it’s about time they found their way into your humidor, especially if you like a stogie with a bit of sweetness. These suckers offer you an everyday smoke for around $2 a stick. Hell, they aren’t even an “everyday” smoke at that price. These are “every hour” smokes instead. You can light up one after the other without putting a dent in your budget. If you’re looking for some sweet flavor without sacrificing in the casholah department, this is the cigar for you.

paigow cigar sweet tipped cigars

Pai Gow Churchill

Starting off in the top of the batting order is the most underrated cigar to ever be rolled. But for those that have smoked this hidden beauty, they’re pretty happy this dork always gets picked last to play with the rest of the kids in the humidor so they’re always available when they need to pick up more. What makes it special? Well for one, it has a secret blend of Honduran longfiller tobacco which is known for its natural sweetness. This, along with the mildly sweetened cap, gives you a slight sugary taste up front, along with a pleasantly natural sweet tobacco taste on the back end. Add the low price point, and this is a penny pincher’s dream stogie.


La fontana sweet tipped cigars

La Fontana

Another Davidoff-made beauty, La Fontana offers a mild creamy smoke much like you would receive from a premium mild bodied cigar, with a touch of added sweetness for loads of complexity. Aside from flavor though, the real story of this epic stogie is the construction. La Fontana seems to always burn straight and even to maximize the true tobacco flavor that lives within the Honduran longfiller tobaccos, encased in a Connecticut seed wrapper.

nub cafe sweet tipped cigars

Nub Café

Oh momma! Nub decided to dabble in the infused cigar market, and they came out of the gate swinging! The Nub Café is blended exactly as their other premium lines we all love, only these flavor bombs are infused with sweet coffee and milk chocolate for the ultimate dessert cigar. It’s as if you’re smoking your favorite cigar in a chocolate factory. Oh yeah, it’s that good.

flor de oliva sweet tipped cigars

Flor De Oliva Maduro

Flor De Oliva cigars are the only bundle cigar on our top sellers list, and the sweet Sumatra by far outsells the unsweetened version. Now it’s not that the unsweetened version is not amazing, but the sweetened sugar cap adds a special, and rather delightful, sweetness to the overall smoke. Premium longfiller tobaccos straight from Oliva’s fields are blended together to create an inexpensive high-end cigar, with the sweet cap adding an extra, much appreciated flavor.

java sweet tipped cigars


By far, the Java is a fan favorite among almost every single flavored cigar smoker in the industry, and a go-to dessert cigar for even the strictest of stogie purists. But it makes perfect sense as to why these tasty treats make their rounds to humidors worldwide. Blended with high-end longfiller tobaccos, this cigar draws natural java flavors from an extremely rich and chocolaty Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. If that isn’t enough, this already flavorful cigar is then naturally infused with all-natural coffee beans for added kick. This is one cigar you don’t want to pass up.


Purist smokers are missing the train by not buying these sweetened stogies. That’s not to say that the straight tobacco cigars we normally smoke don’t match up to sweetened cigars. But I would certainly argue, for their purpose of giving us a premium smoke with a bit of added sweetness, they are just as good as the old standbys we typically hoard. Each is made by a high-end manufacturer and held to the same standards as every one of their main lines. So jump on board today, and try out these incredible sweet tipped cigars!


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Tony Jones
Tony Jones

Awesome review, Jonathan!

Don’t forget about the Tabak Especiale family – specifically the Cafe Con Leche. Definitely replaced the Java on my list. The Isla Del Sol is a dream – I haven’t had a bad one yet and is a daily go to in the smaller gauges.


What about Dolce Vita? As a retired penny-pinching cigaraholic, I’m always looking for deals on my morning coffee mild go-to, as opposed to my sunset alcoholic beverage full-bodied go-to. Love the Baccarat, especially the maduro. Can’t buy a box for less than $80. but I wait for online sellers to throw in another five for free. Waiting for that offer, I bought a cheaper alternative–Dolce Vita sweetened cap. They are short-filler, crudely wrapped in the Dominican Republic. They taste sort of like a malted milkshake, with the sweetness in the cap receding with each puff. Draws freely with no resistance,… Read more »

Jonathan DeTore

Jonathan DeTore

My job here is pretty simple - I write stuff, I post stuff to Facebook, and I take it to the house consistently at the weekly slam drunk contest. I do it all while sipping on a fine glass of cognac at my desk (don’t tell my boss), and wearing cashmere slippers. Let’s just say "The Hef" has nothing on me.

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