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Yard Gars: No More Guilt, No More Shame

All right... you know you do it... come on, all guys do it and there's no need to feel the guilt and dirty shame. All cigar smokers reach for the lesser quality cigars during those times when an expensive premium smoke just doesn't make sense. The Yard Gar is an essential part of a cigar lover's arsenal, satisfying the call for tobacco when garage cleaning, car washing, and grass mowing is your call of duty. Join Cigar Advisor Editor at Large, Tommy Zman as he cracks open that bundle of sticks when no one else is looking.
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How to Shop Smart for Cigars

An educated consumer is our best customer." That's the motto for SYMS, the nationwide clothing store chain. Fortunately, the internet allows consumers to price check at warp speed, making that motto even more relevant for just about everything we buy, and that includes premium cigars.
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