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Top 10 Cigar Reviews of 2013

top 10 cigar reviews of 2013

Johnathan DeTore shares his 10 favorite cigar reviews of 2013

Where would we be without cigar reviews? We all look for inside information on cigars that have either just come out or that we intend to smoke in the near future. They sway us to try new stogies and steer clear of others (for good reason usually). Following up our post where we gave props to some of our favorite cigar blogs, I wrote this post to highlight some of my favorite cigar reviews of 2013 for your enjoyment, based on the cigars that I have personally tried and thought were home runs. I picked these terrific posts out as they feature both cigars that I truly enjoy as well as excellent insight on said cigars. The past year has been chock full of new cigars, but these 10 I thought were certainly worth sharing. Enough explanation, now, in no particular order are my picks for the top 10 cigar reviews of 2013!

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Ashes to Ashes: An Interview with Rick Rodriguez CAO Cigars

CigarAdvisor interviews CAO's Master Blender, Rick Rodriguez, who describes how he wound-up working in the cigar business. Starting in sales as the territory sales manager for North and Central Florida, Rick learned the tools of the trade from some of the most highly respected and innovative tobacco men including, the late Edward Cullman Jr., Daniel Nuñez, Edwin Guevera, and Benji Menendez, to name but a few.
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