The Fleet of 1733

Four Spanish galleons, a team of support boats and 20,000,000 pesos worth of Mexican silver found their way to the bottom of the ocean in a 1733 hurricane. Even a Spanish Armada is no match for the fight that Mother Nature can provide. Follow the trip of the Capitana El Rubi's treasure from surface, to sea floor and back again
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Rum, the liquor used in the Mojito, had its origins born out of necessity; a necessity of the slaves who worked the sugar cane fields of Barbados during the 17th century and needed a drink at the end of the day. The slaves found they could ferment molasses, a typically discarded by-product of sugar distillation, into a fairly potent concoction. Over time, rum came to be distilled to remove impurities and the rum we know and love today became the preeminent liquor of the Caribbean and Latin America.
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