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Get The Most Bang For Your Buck When Buying Cigars

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We can’t all throw money around like Rocky! Get more for your cash when buying cigars with these helpful tips.

We all do it. When buying cigars, we leaf through the catalog or dissect the website looking for a deal. Open emails that scream about savings of 50, 60, 70% or more on great cigars, then pore over the coupons to find out which deal saves the most cash while bringing home the most cigars. Inside all of us is a hardcore cigar value hunter – which, I assume, is why you’re here as well. But even the most budget-conscious among us is willing to drop a little extra coin now and again for a “good” cigar. But are we really just burning up money that could be better – or more smartly – spent?

In a word, “yes.”

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Yard Gars: No More Guilt, No More Shame

All right... you know you do it... come on, all guys do it and there's no need to feel the guilt and dirty shame. All cigar smokers reach for the lesser quality cigars during those times when an expensive premium smoke just doesn't make sense. The Yard Gar is an essential part of a cigar lover's arsenal, satisfying the call for tobacco when garage cleaning, car washing, and grass mowing is your call of duty. Join Cigar Advisor Editor at Large, Tommy Zman as he cracks open that bundle of sticks when no one else is looking.
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Battle: 12 Sticks Reviewed by the Price of Cigars

What happens when we put three cigars in the ring to fight it out? We have a Battle! Three sticks enter, one leaves with the championship belt in it's weight class...or in this month's case, price category: under $4, under $7, under $10, and $10 plus. And we need your help to pick the winners. Grab the details on how you do it, plus our Judge's Club sampler - the best deal on cigars you'll see all month.
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Bundle Cigars: 2¢ on Price, Blend and Comparisons

Gary KorbBundle Cigars:  don’t judge a book by its cover, or a cigar by its price.

I recently received the following email from Cliff, one of our readers who writes to me pretty often, usually with a question or a comment about cigars. He had seen the newsletters in which we offered “blind” samplers.

The first blind sampler had 4 cigars, all the same cigar, without their bands. You had to guess the blender. The second blind sampler had 5 different cigars, all top-flight luxury cigars, except you didn’t know what you were buying until you opened the package and saw the bands, which were left out of the photo. For some reason this compelled him to write to me about bundle cigars, so here goes…

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