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Top 10 Cigar Blogs of 2013

We love blogs! More information about cigars is always better, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you some of our favorite cigar blogs out there today. The Top 10 Cigar Blogs of 2013 include a couple of pure cigar review blogs, but most of the sites are hybrids which combine reviews with cigar news and press releases, commentary on the cigar industry, spirits, podcasts, and more. One thing that all Top 10 Cigar Blogs have is excellent editorial created by writers who are cigar fanatics.

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Social Media & Cigars: The Perfect Pairing

Jeremy Yow investigates the role of social media in the world of premium cigars. Like many niches, social media is actually expanding the industry as a whole and connecting us to a whole new crowd of people that has been otherwise untouched in the past. Consumers can find out about new cigars being produced, the latest news, reviews, forum conversations, contests, and retailer specials and stock with a few clicks of a button or touch screen.
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