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how to find a cigar lighter

Find The Right Cigar Lighter

xikar ex windproof

Xikar EX Windproof

If “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” could the same be said for cigar lighters? Maybe, but like cigars, the tools for igniting them are almost as multitudinous as bird species. For the purposes of this post we’re going to focus on the most popular jet lighters used for lighting cigars, as well as how and when to use them. From single jet designs like the XiKAR EX Windproof lighter, to lighters with special tools, like the Vertigo Golf lighter with its built-in divot tool, to the Vertigo Intimidator with its four jets and futuristic design, there’s a torch lighter for every cigar lover.

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how to purge a lighter

The Urge to Purge: How to Purge a Lighter

How proper maintenance will help extend the life of your torch lighter

By Jonathan DeTore

The Back Story
Christmas is right around the corner and people are going bananas trying to find that perfect gift for their friends and loved ones. It can all be very stressful. Through all the stress during the holidays, I find my cigar smoking buddies to be very easy to shop for and so I�d like to share these three recommendations with you.

1) Cigars (duh)
2) Fine Bottle of Scotch
3) A Torch Lighter

Lucky for my friend, Richie, he�s got both a birthday and Christmas within a week of each other, so he�ll get two items from my list. (I�ll tell you right now, it�s not going to be the scotch - sorry for ruining the surprise, buddy.) A great gift for Richie will be a good torch lighter; I�m thinking along the lines of XiKAR or Lotus. Usually when my buddies and I smoke cigars, we use a Nibo lighter given to me by my brother six years ago. That�s right, SIX YEARS and I still haven�t lost it! That must be some sort of record. Better yet, the lighter continues to work like new, and it�s due in large part to two things - proper maintenance and periodic purging. But our regular use of my lighter has left Richie completely unaware when it comes to the subject of proper maintenance of a lighter. So for those of you who can relate to my friend, here�s the 411 on how to get better performance and longer life from your torch lighter.

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How to Get Your Cigars Off to a Better Start

Gary KorbThere are many different tricks and theories on how to light a cigar. I wanted to share one of my favorite tips that will help you get the most from your smoke. When toasting your cigars, etiquette dictates that you’re not supposed to let the flame touch the tobacco at the foot. Rather, the flame should be held close enough to the tobacco to get the foot glowing without it catching fire. Once you see red (so to speak), gently blow on the foot until the entire surface is glowing all the way out to the last ring.

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