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Cigars and Cigar Lounge Etiquette

By Gary Korb

Cigars are one of the world's great equalizers, especially when enjoyed in the sociable setting of a cigar lounge. But there's more to the ambiance of a cigar lounge than the camaraderie. As in sports, where there are certain unwritten rules among the players, much the same can be said for the way one carries oneself in the cigar lounge. Since most cigar lounges are in cigar stores, I asked The Humidor at Leaf store manager, David Zayas, and a couple of store regulars to help me put together the following list of "cigar store lounge rules."

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Cigar Bars Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Cigar Bar

Enjoy a bite, a drink, and a cigar at Leaf Cigar Bar!

According to an informal poll I conducted five minutes ago expressly for this article, 95% of cigar smokers enjoy an ice cold glass of suds alongside their favorite stogie. Among those who responded, some prefer their puro with a couple generous fingers of whisky, rum or tequila. Others prefer a well-made cocktail. Still others take their smoke with wine, port, brandy or cognac.

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How to Act in a Cigar Lounge

A cigar lounge is a great place to smoke where you can meet other cigar lovers and learn more about them is at a cigar lounge. It is a place to learn about the culture of smoking, etiquette, and immerse yourself with knowledge about cigar brands, flavors, trends, and family names.
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